If you want to recruit a central defender (center back, CB), bet more than 100 million pounds (about 165 billion won).

With the winter transfer market approaching in January next year, major European big clubs are immediately trying to find a sense of power in their positions to strengthen their weaknesses.

What Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have in common is a lack of central defenders. Manchester United includes Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez, Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire. Varane and Martinez alternately left due to injuries and returned. Lindelof is consistent, but his speed has dropped significantly.

“Gyereuk” Maguire is showing the standard of holding out after staying in the summer transfer market. Coach Erik ten Hag is repeating the rhythm of disappointing him by making a series of big mistakes even though he has shown decent performance when he can trust and utilize it.

Tottenham Hotspur are checking the limits of its less-than-thick players. Van Der Pen, who was hired during the summer transfer window, left the club due to an injury. Christian Romero often has a big accident. He even uses Ben Davies, a side defender.

In the end, several clubs are seeing potential resources. There is news that Tottenham is close to signing Jean-Claire Todibo (OGNIS). As negotiations progress, it is said that there is a possibility that Tottenham will wear its white uniform for the first time in January.

However, it is the transfer market that does not know when and how it will change. Everton seems to be taking advantage of this strange situation.

Everton were given a 10-point cut on April 18. Due to the disciplinary action taken by the Premier League secretariat, the team was instantly pushed to 19th place. The team was given a point cut for violating the “Profitability and Sustainability Regulation” in the 2021-22 season. After recovering from the initial shock, the team gained 16 points to 16th place, and is seven points shy of the relegation zone of 18th place Luton Town (nine points), but it is also true that the team is still uneasy.

Coach Sean Dyche is also still agonizing over the issue. This is due to the possibility that he will be able to organize his team. Notably, Jarad Branswaite, a 195-cm tall central defender who is also playing for the under-21 national team in England, is a case in point.

According to the British media Daily Mail, Everton paid an incredible price not to give up Branswaite. He declared that he would not let Branswaite, who had a relationship with Everton until the summer of 2027, pay less than 100 million pounds.

He was evaluated as a player who possesses all the necessary skills and capabilities for a defender. Daichi also said, “Branswaite is fully capable of joining the England A national team,” predicting that the value of the player will continue to rise by more than 100 million pounds. 헤라카지노

The assessment is based on the fact that Manchester United and Tottenham are keeping an eye on Branswaite. Given that Everton are not completely free from the risk of additional disciplinary action, it is also true that some players’ transfers are inevitable to balance their financial expenditures. Everton believe that there will be no additional disciplinary action other than a 10-point cut, and are focusing on protecting their players.

Amadou Onana is a resource that Arsenal are aiming for. The possibility of group escape has decreased, but Everton, where staying is the priority for now, is the key. The key is whether there will be a team to tempt Branswaite, who has a high price tag.

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