It was the worst rating that “steel wall” Kim Min-jae (27, Munich) got after a “hard controversy” in the first half of the Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich finished the first half of the season by ranking second with 38 points in the Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season. With 15 matches, Munich is fiercely chasing Bayer Leverkusen (42 points) who played one more match.

Munich finished the first half of the Bundesliga with a 2-1 win away to Wolfsburg on the 21st. Munich will play a friendly match against Basel on January 6 and start the second half of the Bundesliga against Hoffenheim on the 13th.

There is a two-week break, but Kim Min-jae cannot take a break due to joining the Asian Cup team. Harry Kane, who is experiencing the break for the first time after moving to the Bundesliga, boasted to Premier League players who did not have a break, saying, “You can go to the beach.”

German media “Bild” released the first-half ratings of its Munich players. The highest score of 1 is 1 and the smaller the score, the higher the rating. Leroy Sane, who played all 15 games and became the league’s No. 1 in assists with eight assists, was the No. 1 overall in Munich with two points.

Harry Kane, the second-leading scorer with 21 goals in 15 games, was ranked second with 2.0667. Kim is one of the three players who played in all 15 games with the two. However, Kim ranked 16th out of 20 players with a 3.2667 rating. With the Munich defense completely out of injury, Kim never gave any credit for his perseverance.

Kim Min-jae transferred from Serie A winner Napoli to German Bundesliga’s strongest team Munich in July. Kim Min-jae immediately took the main center back and continued to play full-time. Matthias the Licht and Dayo Upamecano, who were in the same position, were injured in turns and Kim Min-jae could not rest. In the end, he played a lot, so that even manager Thomas Tuchel and the general manager acknowledged Kim Min-jae’s abuse. 랭크카지노

Bild’s rating has many loopholes. Matthijs de Licht, who played only five matches due to injury, ranked third overall with 2.6 points, raising questions about the criteria itself. Aleksandar Pavlovic, who played in four matches, was also ranked seventh with 2.75. Frans Cratchig, who played only two matches, was ranked 12th with 3.0. The score does not reflect his contribution to playing many matches and durability to avoid injury.

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