Incheon United CEO Jeon Hae-soo, who was considering resigning, announced his stay.

At a meeting with fans at the Incheon Football Stadium on the 4th, CEO Jeon Hae-soo expressed his intention to remain in office, saying, “The fans are supporting it, so I, the CEO, should accept it.” It is expected that the ‘transmission system’ will continue until 2025, the term of office.

“I’m so sorry for causing confusion to our fans. I was not swayed when it comes to complaints and accusations,” CEO Jeon said. “I thought it was time to leave because my health was not good and I felt limitations.” It is known that the details of the accusation were not disclosed at the meeting.

Incheon, which is playing in the AFC Champions League (ACL) for the first time in 20 years, was shaken by drafts. The team’s leadership team, Jeon Da-soo, and Lim Joong-yong, head of the team’s power reinforcement team, have filed several malicious accusations against them. They grabbed the pods and shook them.

Both of them were found to be innocent in connection with the accusation, but the two executives of the exhausted club were finally in a situation where they were seriously considering resigning.

The ironic situation caused the fans to get angry at outside forces. “CEO Jeon is like a family,” he said, expressing his support everywhere. In fact, Incheon fans staged truck protests to prevent the former CEO from resigning, and posted a message on the Incheon city government’s civic communication bulletin board asking for clarification of CEO Jeon’s confidence. He conveyed his feelings through various ways.

In the end, Incheon Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok, the owner of the team, also dissuaded CEO Jeon Dong-soo from resigning, and the case ended in the ending that Incheon fans wanted. Lim Joong-yong, the head of the team, will also accompany Incheon.

Incheon is looking to a higher place with its CEO Jeon Dong-soo and its chief executive Lim Joong-yong. Jeon talked about the “top five” 헤라카지노 as his new season’s goal in the meeting with his fans.

Incheon, which managed to stay in the first division every time and was given the title of “survival king,” has been unwelcomely labeled by advancing to the Final A (the top six teams in the K League 1) for the past two consecutive seasons. Incheon, which ranked fourth in the 2022 season, even made its first Asian stage in the 2023-24 season, but first of all, it focused on steadily reaching the Final A.

Incheon, which is preparing for the new season with ease due to the remaining of its representative Jeon Hae-soo, will begin to harden in earnest from the 8th. Incheon will conduct its first winter training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, until the 31st and then the second battery training in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, for three weeks in February.

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