Chung-Ang University is hardening its power through Tongyeong off-season training.

Chung-Ang University, which has been conducting off-season training in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do since the 2nd, has been strengthening its power through practice matches with high school teams every day.

After last season, key scorers Lee Ju-young and Lee Kang-hyun, who left impressive performances on the inside, entered the professional league as early entries. There are not a few gaps.

However, eight rookies with full potential will join the team to minimize the gap between the two rookies. Yang Hyung-seok, the head coach of Chung-Ang University in the “Cheongryong Corps,” also seemed satisfied with his new face.

I met and talked with coach Yang at Tongyeong’s training camp on the 12th.

Director Yang first said, “The existing members are Kang Hyun-soo, Lee Kyung-min, Hyung-woo, Won Gun, and Kim Hu-beom, while Lim Dong-eon, Kim Doo-jin, and Lim Dong-il are the inside players. Debs are weak.”

“Among the freshmen, Seo Jung-gu and Seo Ji-woo have joined the inside team. Both players are 2M and have good personal skills. I think the center Jin has become stronger,” Yang said. “I think I can lower Dong-eon and Du-jin to three times. Du-jin said, “I think it will take some time. I will make it out of swingman resources. It is still incomplete. Instead, I am looking at potential because they are working really hard.”

Lim Dong-eon, who will advance to the fourth grade, is the captain. Lim, who failed to display remarkable performances until his sophomore year, assisted Lee Kang-hyun and displayed stellar performance in the inside last season. Kim Doo-joon, who will advance to the sophomore year, said, “The results of this winter training will be successful in the next season.

The conversation continued. Keyword was freshman.

“Newcomers should be included in the main focus. Chan-yu should be a scorer, and Ji-woo and Jung-gu should add strength to the inside. Also, Se-young has good shots. If he keeps moving, chances are high. Hyun-min is also a resource that I’m looking forward to. I think he just needs to set the direction a little bit.”

In the next season, Yang plans to make a big difference from last season. He said he will use various types of press, considering that there is little difference in skills from the existing members as high-quality freshmen join him.

“The concept has also changed in a big way. The grass has expanded. Last year, he was physically inferior due to limited grass. This season is different. I plan to actively utilize pressure. It became possible because the squad has expanded. I have to prepare for two months of off-season training,” Yang said.

The next topic was Go Chan-yu. Go Chan-yu ranked in the top tier of high school along with Kim Seung-woo, who went to Yonsei University.

“He is a proven player. He will be a good scorer as long as he can control his overconfidence. He is very talented. I trust him to do so for sure,” Yang said. “In any case, the older members need to keep the balance. Although he is the No. 2 style, I hope he will play the role of leader. Dong-Eon should play the role of housekeeper. The two players are also experienced as fourth graders, so I believe they will do well.” 헤라카지노

Finally, Yang said, “The most important thing is for the freshmen to transfer to the full capacity. That is how we can put what we have in mind into the game. We ranked third last year. This year, we aim to achieve higher goals. I will do my best to win the title.”

Will Yang, who watched the game with keen eyes for two hours, be able to achieve the desired result through a successful process? It is Chung-Ang University’s 2024 “Cheongryong Corps” move, which is drawing keen attention.

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