It was more accurate than human eyes. From the first match, SAOT (Semi-Automated Offside Technology) demonstrated its power.

The official opening match of the Qatar Asian Cup between Qatar and Lebanon was held at Lusail Stadium in Lusail, Qatar, on the 13th (Korean time).

The stadium officially packed 82,490 spectators on the day. As many as four hours before kick-off, the stadium was crowded with people. The stadium was congested with long traffic due to the influx of cars. Some fans parked their cars in a parking lot near Lusail University, about 20 minutes away from the stadium, and used the subway to visit the stadium. The subway cars were packed with fans wearing the national flags of Qatar and Lebanon. The way to the stadium after getting off the station was spectacular.

The game has begun. Qatar, the defending champion, pushed ahead from the beginning. Qatar scored the first goal just six minutes into the match. The opponent team even made a mistake in the counterattack situation. Lebanon’s defense failed to cut Qatar’s ball. Almoez Ali, the top scorer of the 2019 tournament, did not miss it and scored a goal.

It was the very moment. Video rating (VAR) notification was posted on the stadium’s electronic display panel. The VAR ruled that Ali was offside and the score was cancelled. The stadium roared with boos. However, there was no reversal of judgment. It was the power of SAOT that was introduced to the event.

SAOT was first introduced at the Qatar World Cup in 2022. This is the first time SAOT is used in a tournament hosted by the Continental Federation. In this tournament, 12 special cameras installed in the stadium determine the position of the ball and the player’s body, such as limbs, to determine whether it is offside. If it is offside, it will immediately notify the VAR referee’s office. The final decision is made by the referee. SAOT showed a strong presence in the “debut stage” of the Asian Cup. 헤라카지노주소

Qatar, which lost the first goal, allowed Lebanon to counterattack. Lebanon aimed for Hoshitam Qatar in the net. Qatar also launched an attack, but its accuracy was lowered. Frustrating developments continued. It was Qatar that broke the flow. Akram Afif’s first goal came just before the end of the first half. Qatar shook its opponent through a side breakthrough and created an opportunity to attack. In the meantime, Afif rushed to the center and scored a goal. Qatar ended the first half with a 1-0 lead.

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