“Up to 10.5 billion won. Even if you fail in Japan, you will get a lot of money.”

He entered the Japanese professional baseball league from the Major League and returned to the Major League through reverse export, and chose to go to Japan again.

Japanese media Full Count said, “Pitcher Drew Verhagen has returned to Nippon Ham again for the first time in three years since 2021.” Nippon Ham manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo was surprised, saying, “I rejected the Major League’s offer and never dreamed that Berhagen would return to Nippon Ham.”

“Recently, many Japanese professional baseball players, such as Scott McGuff and Matt Moore, have returned to Major League Baseball. However, it was rare before that they returned to Major League Baseball and then returned to Japanese professional baseball,” Full Count reported.

Media reports said, “Why did an active pitcher who pitched in 60 games in the Major League last season return to Japan? The U.S. media is speculating on the reason why he went to Japan for the second time under that condition.”

Berhagen was drafted in the fourth round by the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 draft, and made his major league debut in 2014. He played mostly as a bullpen pitcher for Detroit until 2019, and advanced to the Nippon Professional Baseball in 2020.

He played for Nippon Ham for two years from 2020 to 2021. He started 18 games in 2020 and recorded 8-6 losses with a 3.22 ERA. In 2021, he was sluggish due to injuries in the first half of the year, but he recorded 5 wins, 8 losses with a 3.84 ERA in 20 games.

Berhagen, who showed potential to start in Japan, successfully signed a two-year, 5.5 million-dollar contract with the St. Louis Cardinals in the Major League in 2022. He returned to the Major League with a decent performance in Japan and received decent treatment.

Berhagen, who returned to the Major League, pitched in 19 games (21 ⅔ innings) in 2022, recording a 3-1 record with a 6.65 ERA.

Last year, he pitched in 60 games (61 innings), recording five wins, one loss, and 14 holds with an ERA of 3.98. It was a career-high performance. Verhagen, who became a free agent, chose to go back to Japan rather than sign contracts with other teams in the Major League.

According to U.S. media, Verhagen signed a two-year, maximum of $8 million (W10.5 billion) contract with Nippon Ham. After the first season, there are player options.

The MLB Trade Rumors analyzed Verhagen’s advantages going to Japan. Verhagen was a bullpen pitcher in the Major League, but manager Shinjo Nippon-Ham said, “I want him to play a starting role in the rotation.” He already played well as a starter at the Nippon-Ham in 2020-2021.

“By utilizing the first year of his two-year contract, Verhagen can appeal to the Major League Baseball team (which is examining acquiring him) this winter that he can be a starting pitcher. Even if his performance deteriorates or he gets injured, there is a stabilization mechanism in the second year of his contract called seven-digit annual salary (more than 1 million dollars).” It is a two-year contract, but there is a possibility that he will play for only one year and return to the Major League as he has a second-year option. 랭크카지노주소

“MLB Trade Rumors” predicted, “If Verhagen spends a strong season in Japan again and signs with a better Major League offer, it will get a more anomalous process.”

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