“He is a batter who needs to play in the clean-up rather than the table setter. I hope he can grow as a third batter.”

This is what manager Kim Tae-hyung is aiming for Lotte Giants’ Ko Seung-min (24).

Lotte fans are paying keen attention to the team this winter. Having played right fielder and first baseman in the main league, Ahn is set to challenge for second base again, his position since his debut. Veteran Ahn Chi-hong should fill the gap between offense and defense.

He has been considered a promising hitter with confidence since he joined the team in the second round in 2019. He is also a man with the fastest batting speed in the league, and a talent who has been proven to be a .400 hitter (batting average of 4.14 percent) in the second half of 2022.

However, he encountered unexpected ups and downs. Last year, he recorded a batting average of 2204 and an OPS (on-base plus slugging) of 0.651, just one year after he became a starting pitcher. Rookie Yoon Dong-hee (21) already secured the position in right field. He has moved from right field to first base and back to second base.

Thanks to this, my motivation burned. I am staying in Busan all winter and flogging myself. My daily routine is full of sports, from PT to technical training and fitness.

If Go Seung-min, who is 1m89, plays second base, he will form a tall keystone duo with Noh Jin-hyeok, who is 1m84. “I want to have a year without any injuries. I will prepare well,” he said. On the training for second base at the closing camp, he said, “I haven’t been as good as I thought. It’s okay to catch and throw balls, but it’s not easy to play defense and teamwork.”

“I’m batting .220 (batting) right now. Are you in a position to decide the position? If you let me go anywhere, I’ll just do my best. It’s important to find my place quickly.”

After all, what we expect from Ko is her role in batting. Ko is also well aware of this.

What is the reason for his lackluster performance last year? He had a batting average of 268 including a home run and an OPS of 0.757, which was not bad until April. However, he slumped to a batting average of 206 in May, and has hardly recovered his pace since then.

Ko Seung-min said, “I was not sure about myself. I lost my batting balance when I was greedy to get better grades and more accurate contacts.”

“At the end of the day, I’m the one who hits. I lost my swing that I’ve been making since I was young because I thought too much about it and tried to fix it. I found it again during the closing camp. Now I can’t miss it.” 랭크카지노도메인

During the closing camp, coach Kim Tae-hyung paid special attention to Ko. He also gave detailed advice such as “my hind legs will collapse and my arm will fall when I hit a pitch.” “He gave me a lot of encouragement, saying, ‘You can do it. You have great skills and skills. Don’t give up.'”

Given his tall physique, he was gifted with talent. However, Ko brags about himself as an “effort man.”

“I heard a lot of times, such as ‘playing baseball roughly’ or ‘being cheeky’ or ‘playing baseball without sincerity’.” How can a player like that become a professional? When I was young, I drew my batting form in my diary and made my skills now. Even when I look at elementary school players, I compare and study with myself. I will play baseball again if I am born again. I don’t want to hear such stories.”

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