“Monster” Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) was the best in the world in handling air balls.

The International Sports Research Institute (CIES) under FIFA announced on the 17th (local time) the rankings of center backs around the world’s airball handling capabilities. Based on players who played more than 900 minutes in this season’s professional league, the rankings were based on the number of competitions in the airball, the percentage of winning the ball, and the level of the game.

Pirhill VanDijk of Liverpool topped the list. VanDijk scored 93.0 points to become the center back who is most capable of handling balls in the air.

Kim Min-jae was second to Pandake.

Kim Min-jae won an average of 4.06 balls in the air during the 90 minutes. He had a 69 percent chance of winning the ball. He scored 92.2 points. He ranks first in the German Bundesliga. Dhan-Axel Zagadou (Stutgart) ranked second overall in the Bundesliga, and fifth overall.

This is proof that Kim Min-jae has risen to the rank of world class. Kim Min-jae elevated SSC Napoli to the top of Serie A in Italy for the first time in 33 years during the 2022-2023 season. Even after moving to Bayern Munich, Germany, Kim boasts of his “monster” iron-fisted defense. 마카오카지노도메인

Danilu Pereira (Paris Saint-Germain), who turned from defensive midfielder to center back, is in third place, and Jamal Lascelles (Newcastle United) is in fourth place.

Among players playing in the Asian league, Henrik Trevisan (FC Tokyo) ranked ninth (87.4 points) overall. After Kim Min-jae, Han Long (Wuhan) of China ranked 22nd (85.0 points) overall. The best player in the K-League is Delbridge (Incheon United).

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