Who will Tottenham Hotspur fill Harry Kane’s vacancy.

Tottenham is showing a good trend under coach Enze Postecoglou this season. As if to completely wash away the pain of last season, they started rebuilding from the root. Tactical changes were inevitable and there were many changes in the squad. Veteran players such as Harry Kane and Eric Dier left the team, and Hugo Lloris also gave way. Freshmen such as Guglielmo Vicario, James Medicine, and Mickey Van der Ben filled their seats.

The effect was tremendous. Tottenham ranked first in the early days of this season, undefeated for 10 consecutive league games. There was a period of slump along the way, but Postecoglou emerged from the slump by displaying his unique solution skills. His recent performance has been on the rise again, with four wins, one draw and one loss in six official matches.

He has made clear achievements since his first year in office, but he has not yet developed a perfect tactic. There is still a wide gap between the main players and rotation, and some players do not fully understand Postecoglou’s tactics.

As a result, he has been steadily rebuilding. During the winter transfer market, he strengthened defensive depth by bringing in Radu Dragusin from Genoa, and hired Timo Werner from Leipzig on loan to bolster his offense.

The goalkeeper’s seat, which became vacant after Kane left, is now filled by Hishalisson and Son Heung-min, but reinforcement seems inevitable. As a result, many players are related to Tottenham. Girasi and Jimenez are representative players. Girasi is ranked second in the scoring rankings with 17 goals in the German Bundesliga, while Jimenez has shown a monstrous determination with 19 goals in 17 league games. 월카지노

Of course, Tottenham has not shown a ‘definitive’ interest so far. However, Sky Sports reporter Riyal Thomas insisted that if Tottenham wants to recruit a striker, they have no choice but to approach the two players. He said, “If Tottenham tries to recruit a new striker in the summer, logically, Girash and Jimenez will be on the list. There is no doubt. They are emerging players in Europe this season and they are doing really well. Coaches, scouts, technical directors, coaches. Whoever you ask, there will be words for Girash and Jimenez.”

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