“The best starters still in FA status include Jordan Montgomery, Michael Lorenzen, James Paxton and Ryu Hyun-jin.”

In an article on off-season trends on Tuesday (Korea time), MLB.com called Ryu “the best starting pitcher.” He is not a veteran looking at his last chance to spark off in the FA market, but a player who can help a team that can immediately show competitiveness in the Major League. He has yet to sign a contract with less than a month left before the spring camp, but he has not even taken issue with it. “The FA pool has decreased a little, but most of the big league-class starting pitchers have not signed yet,” he said, introducing the market situation. Ryu Hyun-jin is not the only one who failed to sign a contract, which means there is no reason to be impatient.

“Baltimore still wants to recruit a starting pitcher. Ideally, a player should be closer to the front (first to third starters) than to the back (four to fifth starters) of the team’s starting rotation. Mike Elias first announced his plan to recruit a solid starting pitcher at the general manager’s meeting in November last year, and maintained the same stance at the winter meeting in December,” the media said.

“Although the pool of free agents has decreased a little, most of the starting pitchers in the big league have not signed yet. Other positions can be filled by trade, and rumors are spreading almost every day,” he said. “Teams like Baltimore that want to recruit starting pitchers still have an opportunity to strengthen their full capacity before the spring camp.” In the case of Baltimore, the team will convene pitchers and catchers on March 15. In other words, the team has a little more than three weeks to spare.

Bringing Dylan Cease (Chicago White Sox) in a trade is a possibility, and the Baltimore Orioles has many high-quality prospects in the minor leagues. However, the baseball community believes the White Sox have too many requirements. The MLB.com quoted an unnamed National League official as saying, “The White Sox remain very high. No other team is interested in the price.”

Baltimore also has no intention of giving away promising players it has hardly won. Among its future plans are Jackson Holey-Day, the No. 1 prospect in the MLB Pipeline, Samuel Basalo, and infielder Jordan Westberg, who made his big league debut last year, who are all included in the team’s future plans. Hence, the team seems to be paying more attention to the FA market. Ryu Hyun-jin is in the FA market.

MLB Network reporter John Hayman predicted that the second part of the FA starting pitcher market will heat up soon. MLB.com mentioned Montgomery, Lorenzen, and Paxton as well as Ryu Hyun-jin as top-notch FA pitchers. Blake Snell, who won the National League Cy Young Award last year, is still an FA, but there are not many teams that can match the amount he wants. For one, Baltimore does not seem to be considered as such. 랭크카지노도메인

Ryu has consistently been evaluated as a suitable player for Baltimore. The Athletic Ken Rosenthal categorized Ryu, Paxton, and Lorenzen as second-class FA starters, and said chances are high that Baltimore will recruit such starting pitchers. Baltimore has starting resources such as Kyle Brady, Grayson Rodriguez, John Minns and Dean Kremer, but it is hardly considered a top-class player in the league. To continue its meteoric rise last year through this year, it is imperative to beef up its starting lineup.

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