It is true that the Chinese national soccer team still has a chance of advancing to the round of 16, but it is unlikely that they will actually achieve what they want.

China lost 0-1 in the final Group A match of the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup against Qatar held at Khalifa International Stadium in Al-Raiyan, Qatar, at 0 a.m. on the 23rd (Korea time).

China lost to Qatar and Tajikistan defeated Lebanon 2-1, and Group A finished the group stage in the order of No. 1 Qatar (9 points), No. 2 Tajikistan (4 points), No. 3 China (2 points) and No. 4 Lebanon (1 point). Qatar and Tajikistan have automatically confirmed their advance to the round of 16, and China can advance to the round of 16.

Not long after the opening of the second half, a sad news came to China. Lebanon midfielder Bassel Zradi took a 1-0 lead as his right-footed kick from the left side of the Tajikistan box hit the top right of the goal. The real-time rankings rank Lebanon No. 2, China No. 3, and Tajikistan No. 4.

On top of that, Qatar scored a wonder goal, further reducing its chances of advancing to the round of 16. Hassan Al-Haidos’ mid-range right-footed shot from Akram Afif’s corner kick from the left at the 21st minute in the second half turned into a tremendous goal that shook the top left of the goal. At this point, Qatar now has nine points, Lebanon four points, China two points, and Tajikistan one point.

On top of that, Tajikistan scored an equalizer from a free kick in the 35th minute of the second half, and the three teams – Tajikistan, Lebanon, and China – are tied at two points. However, in the face-to-face confrontation between the three teams, China alone scored zero and the other two teams scored one goal each on the day, falling to fourth place in the group.

However, Tajikistan won by scoring a come-from-behind goal at 2 minutes and 2-1 in extra time, becoming the second-ranked Tajikistan, four points from China, two points from China, and one point from Lebanon. China lost 0-1 to Qatar, and is now destined to advance to the round of 16 only when it makes the top four teams ranking third in its group.

China’s chances of advancing to the round of 16 were only 1.1%, calculated by the soccer statistics media Opta. China was lucky to survive the crisis of automatic elimination, but it will not be easy to follow afterwards.

China needs to be in the top four of the six teams ranked third in the group to reach the round of 16, while Indonesia, ranked third in Group D, and Bahrain, ranked third in Group E, already have three points, higher than China (two points).

In the end, there are two seats left, but even that has a long way to go. Syria, ranked third in Group B, Palestine, ranked third in Group C, and Oman, ranked third in Group F, have one point ahead of the final match, all of which face India, Hong Kong, and Kyrgyzstan, which are at the bottom of each group with two consecutive losses. From China’s point of view, the stronger the competitor, the better, but all three teams coincidentally meet the bottom. Of course, the lowest teams can also rise to third place with three points if they win, so if two or more of the three games are decided, China will be eliminated.

For China, it would be best if the third-ranked competing teams drew a tie and looked into goal difference and multiple scores while tying at two points. However, Syria and Oman have goal difference of –1, which is the same as China, except for Palestine with goal difference of –3. Even in this case, there is no guarantee that China will advance to the round of 16. 헤라카지노주소

China, which failed to advance to the round of 16 on its own, has become a miserable state of having to look only at hope like a needle hole.

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