The Chinese soccer team is disgraced again. It lost against Qatar, which started with its candidate resources. With this defeat, China is in danger of being eliminated from the Asian Cup without scoring a goal.

China lost 0-1 in the third Group A match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup group stage against Qatar at Khalifa International Stadium in Al-Raiyan, Qatar, on the 23rd (Korea time).

Up until the World Cup was held, China was considered a strong candidate to advance to the round of 16 along with Qatar. If listed in FIFA rankings, China (79th) was ranked higher than Qatar (58th) in Group A. Tajikistan (106th) and Lebanon (107th) were considered a level lower than China.

China had to win this match in order to secure a stable advance to the round of 16. China, which drew in both of its previous two matches, is currently in second place in Group A with two points, as it could have fallen to third place in the group if it drew or lost in the match against Qatar.

However, China tied with Tajikistan and Lebanon one after another and lost to Qatar, failing to confirm its advance to the round of 16. Rather, Tajikistan, which was considered weaker than China, defeated China to rank second in the group.

China has displayed good performance and performance that could have led to its elimination in the group qualifiers. China, which is set to be eliminated in the group stage for the first time in 13 years since 2011, has been disappointing throughout the past three matches. China even ranked second at the Asian Cup held in its own country 20 years ago, but in just 20 years, the level of Chinese soccer has gone down to the rock bottom. Two draws and one loss in the group stage and no goal are currently the status quo in Chinese soccer.

On the same day, China had no chance to score a goal and had two draws and one loss. It is the first time in 48 years that China has not garnered a single win in its group league since the 1976 World Cup. However, it left a faint spark surrounding its advance to the round of 16. Lebanon (one draw and two losses, one point) that lost to Tajikistan fell to the bottom of the group at the same time, confirming its elimination from the group stage.

China (two points), which ranks third in its group with a one-point difference, still has few cases of winning a ticket to the round of 16 by comparing its group league performance with the third-ranked team in other groups. However, China is at a disadvantage as it has low points and no point. Indonesia, which ranks third in Group D, and Bahrain, which ranks third in Group E, already have three points, which is higher than China.

Qatar, which has grabbed three wins in three matches, easily advanced to the group stage as No. 1 player. The round of 16 teams in this year’s event will have four teams ranking first and second in their respective groups and the third in their respective groups.

◆ “No score is a problem, no score is good luck.” China was worried

Prior to the match, Chinese media outlet Sohu Dotcom said, “The situation is getting worse for the Chinese national team. We need good luck as well as efforts of the team’s players. Whether China will advance to the tournament will depend on the outcome of its third group match against Qatar, which will take place in five days, and on the outcome of other matches within the same group. Currently, China has no reason to be optimistic about advancing to the round of 16 strongest teams.”

Nevertheless, Sohu Dotcom said, “The team had two wins, one draw and two losses in the recent five matches against Qatar. It is noteworthy that Urei has scored two of the four goals against Qatar. This can be said to be a weapon of the Korean team against Qatar,” pointing to Urei as a key player in the match against Qatar.

Qatars media, on the other hand, was confident of its victory. Qatars Ali Zarate said, “China has been displaying weaknesses in offense, especially in finishing, while keeping defense, and lacks scoring capacity to complete the match.” He also projected that Qatar would win 3-1 against China in the third group match between Qatar and China.

“Sohu Dotcom” pointed out that the biggest problem for the Chinese national team is no goal, and that there is no active change in the national team, and Chinese strikers such as Wu Lei, Tan Long, and Zhang Yuning are not capable enough to overwhelm the opponent. 헤라카지노도메인

“Will they admit that they are superior in defense when the national team scores zero runs? No! In the match against Tajikistan, the opponent team shot a total of 20 times, including eight shots in the penalty area and 12 shots out of the box. Lebanon shot a total of 12 times, including six shots in the penalty area and six shots out of the box. The reason why China can maintain a clean sheet is that the opponent team’s shooting ability (finish) is not good,” he pointed out.

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