Kiwoom has completed the annual salary contract.

Kiwoom Heroes (CEO Wi Jae-min) said on January 22nd, “We have completed annual salary contracts with all 44 people (excluding rookies, fostering, military holding, FA, non-FA multi-year contracts, and foreign players) for the 2024 season.”

Kim Hye-sung broke the record of the highest annual salary in the eighth year in the history of the KBO league. Kim signed an annual contract with an annual salary of 650 million won, up 230 million won (54.8 percent), surpassing Na Sung-bum’s previous highest annual salary of 550 million won. It is the highest amount of increase and the highest annual salary among those who are eligible for an annual salary contract in the team.

Kim Hye-sung led his team’s batting lineup in 137 games last season, recording 186 hits from 556 times at bat, seven homers, 104 points and 57 RBIs, and 0.335 batting average. He was the center of the infield and won the Golden Glove Award for the third consecutive year.

Kim Hwi-jip, who recorded the most home runs in the team last season, rose 48.6% year-on-year to 110 million won, making his first billion-dollar salary since his debut. Lee Ju-hyung, who joined in the middle of the season and showed promise, signed an annual salary of 66 million won and recorded a 100% increase rate. 월카지노주소

Ha Young-min and Lee Myung-jong, who helped the pitching staff in various positions, recorded an increase of 15 million won, marking 80 million won and 60 million won, respectively. Jang Jae-young, who recorded his first start win since his debut last season, signed a contract of 40 million won per year.

Of the 44 people eligible for the annual salary contract, a total of six people, including one pitcher and five fielders, are paid hundreds of millions of dollars.

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