“We need to let Anthony go and recruit a player like Son Heung-min.”

Team Talk reported on the 21st (Korea Standard Time) that “Manchester United legend Dwight York should bring in a player like Son Heung-min on behalf of Antony.”

“When I think of the successful players at Manchester United, they all wanted to leave their names in the history of the club. They also wanted to be part of the team. But I don’t know if the players at Manchester United understand this. It’s not surprising that Kevin De Bruyne scored an assist in the 20th minute of his return match,” York said in an interview with Footy Accumulator.

“I’m still not surprised that Antony joined the club for 85 million euros (124 billion won) in transfer fee and what he brought to the team. When a player is hired for that amount of money, there is always a question mark. This is especially true when he plays for a club like Manchester United. Antony will know that he is not performing as well as he should. I feel sorry for him, too. However, if things don’t go well, the responsibility lies with both the player and the club,” he said.

York said United should sell Antony as soon as possible.

“Manchester United should send players like Antony as soon as possible. If not, Manchester United will repeat the same situation every year,” York said. “We can create a different situation only when we make a cold judgment as soon as possible.”

Yorke, a striker from Trinidad and Tobago, played a total of 152 games for United from 1998 to 2002, scoring 66 goals.

In particular, he won the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League scoring title in the 1998-1999 season, playing a major role in Manchester United’s first British club to win three gold medals (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League).

York, who has been playing Manchester United Ambassador since retiring from active duty in 2010, continued to watch his former team’s game with interest, drawing attention for demanding the release of Antony, who has been sluggish recently. 랭크카지노

York also gave a negative assessment of the entire Manchester United offense.

“I wouldn’t describe Hoirun as useless. I know he is in a very difficult situation. He may have potential, but there is no one around him to teach him,” York said, pointing out Manchester United’s situation first.

“Benjema will provide a lot of experience, but the club has already tried such a strategy with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edithon Cavani. That way was okay. He still often has magical moments, but he is not a player in need of Manchester United. Manchester United should recruit a player like Son Heung-min who can make a difference to the team,” he explained.

“Sometimes signing older players works or sometimes not. Sir Alex Ferguson knew what he was going to do by bringing in Van Persie because he had extensive experience in football,” he said.

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