The results of the 2024 U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame voting have been released. Some players missed the entrance.

The U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame released the results of a vote to select members of the 2024 Hall of Fame held by the American Baseball Journalists Association (BBWAA) through the “MLB Network” on the 24th (Korea time).

385 BBWAA members with more than 10 years of experience participated in the vote. 289 votes were needed to enter the hall of fame.

As a result, three players – Adrian Beltre (95.1%), Joe Mauer (76.1%) and Todd Helton (79.7%) – won over 75% of the vote and entered the Hall of Fame.
If Mauer managed to exceed the entry criteria with 293 votes and qualified for the Hall of Fame, on the contrary, some could not join by a narrow margin.

Billy Wagner, a seven-time All-Star with a total of 432 saves, is the main character. Wagner was not inducted into the Hall of Fame with 284 votes, a lack of five votes. In terms of percentage, it is 73.8 percent.

This was his ninth chance, Wagner gets his last chance in 2025.

Gary Sheffield missed his last chance with 246 votes, only 63.9 percent. He will try to enter the Hall of Fame through a vote by a senior committee later.

Among the first-time candidates to be nominated, Chase Utley received 111 votes (28.8%), the highest percentage of votes among first-year candidates who failed to meet the enrollment criteria.

David Wright barely maintained his nomination status, receiving 6.2 percent of the votes with 24 votes. Jose Battista, Victor Martinez, Bartolo Colon, Matt Halliday, Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon Phillips, Jose Reyes, and James Shields lost their nominations by not exceeding 5 percent in their first year.

The BBWAA Hall of Fame voting is known as the most demanding of all U.S. professional sports hall of fame admission screening. Not only performance but also non-game factors affect it.
Carlos Beltran and Oma Vizkel are left to be desired in that regard.

Beltran, who is known to have led the signing scandal while coaching the Houston Astros, had a 57.1% approval rating with 220 votes in his second year. 헤라카지노도메인

Vizkel, who was found guilty of domestic violence in 2020, also received 68 votes (17.7%) in his seventh dismissal.

Alex Rodriguez, who was involved in a drug scandal during his active career, also had 134 votes (34.8%) in his third year, heralding a bumpy road ahead.

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