At the end of October last year, Lotte Giants new manager Kim Tae-hyung and his team met at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province. Asked by a reporter if any player impressed you today, Kim suddenly said, “Jin Gap-yong’s son.”

He chose right-handed pitcher Jin Seung-hyeon, the eldest son of Kia’s head coach Jin Gap-yong and a third-year Lotte Giants right-handed pitcher. Kim Tae-hyung joined OB Bears as a college graduate in 1990 and once shared a room with Jin Gap-yong, who debuted in 1997. Since then, he has met with coaches and players, as well as coaches and coaches often.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung, who boasts strong charisma, threatened, “It was impressive to see (Jin Seung-hyun) since he was a baby. He is dead now.” “It’s an honor. I think he is really dead, and I will do my best,” Jin said with a smile.

Jin, a graduate of Kyungpook High School, played in 10 games in 2022, his first season as a member of the team, and posted an ERA of 9.00 with two wins, two losses and a hold of 5.86 in 24 games last year. “It is regrettable that he has not been able to maintain his good image consistently. I also had an injury in my second year following my first year,” he said. Jin, who posted an ERA of 3.75 in nine games in June last year, saw his ERA drop significantly to 6.75 since August. He ended the season early after being excluded from the first team due to fatigue accumulated in mid-September.

“My father usually doesn’t talk much about baseball,” Jin said. However, when it comes to injuries, he comforts me by saying, “You might be sick. If a player is not sick, he is a robot.” Jin was not intimidated by manager Kim Tae-hyung’s strong message and said, “I will do whatever I tell him to do. I will work hard and show him how I have improved.” 라바카지노도메인

“My first goal is to join the starting lineup (2024),” Jin said. “I want to achieve 10 wins without leaving the rotation.” The four seats that the Lotte Giants has in the starting lineup are almost certain, including Charlie Barnes, Adam Wilkerson, Park Se-woong, and Na Kyun-an. There is only one seat left. In order for Jin to join the starting lineup, he must surpass Han Hyun-hee, Lee In-bok, and Shim Jae-min.

Restoring the ball is essential for Jin Seung-hyun to have strength. The average speed of fastballs, which was 144.5 kilometers per hour in 2022, decreased to 141.2 kilometers last year. “My pitching balance was a little poor, and I couldn’t put my strength on the ball properly as my left foot opened,” he said. “I trained focusing on recovering my balance at the finishing camp.”

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