Too fast success may have been a shortcut to rapid collapse.

Liverpool legend Graham Souness offered his opinion on why a Manchester United player who was once considered the best midfielder collapsed.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported on the 23rd (Korea time), “Souness claimed that winning the 2018 World Cup was the worst thing for Paul Pogba.”

In the past, Pogba was a midfielder who represented France. After growing up in Manchester United’s youth team, he left for Juventus to unleash his talents to the fullest.

Pogba, who showed his ability to depress, sharp passes, and unrivaled soccer sense at Juventus, played well in 178 matches in Serie A with 34 goals and 40 assists over four years, and achieved great results in both team and individual performances, including four Serie A wins, one European Champions League runner-up, and one FIFA FIFPro World Best 11.

The French national team also contributed to France’s victory by playing a key player along with Kylian Mbappe and N’Golo Kante during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

However, Pogba’s career began to decline gradually after winning the World Cup. The ambitious return to Manchester United also received more criticism and criticism as the season went on. Manchester United fans also turned their backs on his influence and sluggishness. In the 2021-2022 season, he was completely pushed out of the team and had to leave for Juventus again under free agency. Recently, he has been banned from playing due to drugs as he has tested positive for backup doping. In the end, some predict that he will no longer be able to continue his career.

Souness pointed out Pogba’s fall as the reason for his World Cup victory. In the past, Souness criticized Pogba, saying, “He is like a schoolboy running around on the field” and “He is a lazy player.”

“He was a player who wasted a lot of time. Despite his physique and technical ability, he did not have the right attitude to become a superstar,” Souness said in an interview with TalkSport, explaining that Pogba had a problem with his attitude. 월카지노

“The worst thing that ever happened to him was winning the World Cup. That allowed him to boast that he was the winner of the World Cup. I think his time was going backwards from that point on,” he said, pointing out that winning the World Cup was the cause of Pogba’s collapse and his attitude problems. Pogba, who is going through the worst period even facing doping disciplinary action, seems to have no excuse to respond to Souness’ criticism.

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