The NC Dinos have released the list of N Team (first-tier) CAMP 2 (NC Spring Camp) in Tucson, Arizona.

The NC Dinosaurs announced on Wednesday the list of N Team CAMP 2, which will include coach Kang In-kwon, 11 coaching staff and 45 players. The camp will run for 36 days from March 30 to March 5.

N Team CAMP 2, which will start on March 31 through self-training, will be held from February 1 to March 2 through a three-day training break. Afterwards, the team will play self-assessment matches and two warm-up matches against the LG Twins in order to gain a sense of practical use.

New foreign players Daniel Castano, Kyle Hart and Matt Davidson, as well as Kim Jae-yeol and Song Seung-hwan, who joined the team through the second draft, were on the list of participants in the CAMP 2. Lim Hyung-won, Park Si-won and Han Jae-seung, who showed good performance with the Brisbane Bandits in the Australian League, were also included.
In particular, 21 pitchers were included, and 2024 rookie players, including first-round rookie Kim Hui-gun, were excluded.

This was actually a scheduled sequence. “Players who were in the last season were almost in full swing, and we excluded rookie players,” said Kang In-kwon, the manager who met with the NC Dinosaurs after the New Year’s Day party in January. As there were many players to watch on the pitcher’s side, we increased the number of pitchers. “We need to check on the pitcher’s side at the spring camp,” he said. “I think there were some difficulties that rookie players faced during the camp. I heard from coaches and members that rookie players expressed their difficulties during the camp. It’s a pity, but if we do well in Team C (NC Futures), we will be able to see them in exhibition games.”

NC also unveiled the CAMP 2 emblem on the day. Using the shape of the map of Arizona, the U.S., the CAMP 2 location, it expressed topographical features (sun, mountain range, cactus) inside, and the Arizona State-shaped frame outlines key visual elements for the 2024 season, meaning a journey to CAMP 2 and immersion. 꽁머니사이트

Meanwhile, the NC C team will have 10 coaching staff including coach Gong Pil-sung and 44 players starting the CAMP 2 in Changwon and Goseong, South Gyeongsang Province, from Feb. 1. It will be held on a four-day training-one-day rest schedule, and will hold exhibition games with professional teams such as Doosan Bears, LG and Samsung Lions, as well as college teams such as Gangneung Yeongdong University, Yonsei University and Dongui University in March.

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