Now, even in Asia, he is not one of the top ten.

China displayed disgraceful performance at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup. China, which was grouped with hosts Qatar, Tajikistan and Lebanon to hold its group stage, had no win and had three consecutive draws. China, which failed to score a goal during the three matches, remained at the third place in its group.

China, which lost the first and second places in the group that is directly advancing to the round of 16, hoped for a wild card given to the four more countries. This year, four of the six teams ranking third in total were given a chance to advance to the tournament in order of performance. China was also not in the rankings here. Since China failed to score a goal, let alone win, it was natural to be behind in order of points and multiple points.

China finally ranked 18th. When the team was eliminated, I packed my bags and went back to Beijing. As the 26-member team was confirmed to be eliminated at the end of last year and set up a training camp in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, it was the first time in about a month. After preparing for a long time, China returned home after gaining nothing from the Asian Cup.

It only added to the humiliating history. He failed to score a single goal for the first time in his 13th Asian Cup appearance. It was the first time in 48 years that he had no win. The only time he failed to win a single round was in 1976 when he played in the Asian Cup for the first time.

China, which had nothing to be satisfied with, received a report card that almost failed in the evaluation of ESPN’s Asian Cup. ESPN quoted China as saying, “China was one of the two teams that failed to score a single goal at this year’s event. China sought to make it to the round of 16 strongest teams in the final match, but failed to make it. It did not take long for China to lose its hope of reaching the third place in the same group.” Thanks to the three draws, China ranked 18th in the final ranking, but failed to avoid the lowest rank in the ranking.

It also had a negative impact on the FIFA rankings. China, which was ranked 79th before the Asian Cup, lost significant points when it tied with Tajikistan ranked 106th and Lebanon ranked 107th. According to Chinese media Sina Sports, China lost 22.39 points during the three Asian Cup matches alone.

If this is reflected in the FIFA rankings, China’s ranking will drop to 86th. The ranking of AFC member countries is also likely to drop from 11th to 12th. Bahrain, which advanced to the round of 16 strongest teams in this year’s event, has secured more points than China. Bahrain has advanced from 86th to 81st. If Japan, which will meet in the round of 16, wins, it will be able to further advance.

China was shocked when it fell to 12th in the Asian rankings. “If Jordan, Syria, Palestine, and Tajikistan, which are lagging behind China in terms of current rankings, continue to develop, China can lose any time,” Sina Sports said. “China’s FIFA ranking is highly likely to continue to decline.” 마카오토토

Meanwhile, according to calculations by Sina Sports, Korea, which had one win and two draws in its group league, also lost 10.22 points compared to December last year, falling from 23rd to 25th. As a result, Korea has lost a place to Australia in the AFC ranking, and is now in fourth place. In order for Korea to improve its FIFA ranking, Korea should secure its first Asian Cup title in 64 years.

The Asian Cup, which has started a single-round survival race, will have a round of 16 matches starting with a match between Australia and Indonesia at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. The matches will then take place in the order of Tajikistan-UAE, Iraq-Jordan, Qatar-Palestine, Uzbekistan-Thailand, Bahrain-Japan, and Iran-Syria.

South Korea will have a showdown with Saudi Arabia at 1 a.m. on Saturday. If South Korea advances to the quarterfinals by defeating Saudi Arabia, it will face off against the winner of Australia and Indonesia.

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