NC Dinos pitcher Shim Chang-min (31)’s ordeal continues. During the two years since he was traded from Samsung to NC, his annual salary was cut by nearly 200 million won. He was eventually eliminated from the first-team spring camp list. It is a crisis. Can Shim Chang-min revive again.

NC recently announced that it has completed the team’s annual salary contract for 2024. Excluding rookies and FA players, it has completed the contract with 69 people who are eligible for renewal.

Shim Chang-min signed a contract for 85 million won (85 million won), a 65 million won reduction from last year’s 150 million won (65 million won). He was disgraced with the highest reduction rate (43 percent) in his team and the highest reduction amount in his team.

Shim Chang-min signed an annual salary contract of 150 million won last year, down 46 percent from 280 million won in the 2022 season due to sluggish performance, but his annual salary was cut by more than 40 percent for the second consecutive year. His annual salary was cut by 195 million won in two years. It is the first time in 10 years that his annual salary has been broken since 110 million won when he was with Samsung in 2014.

NC announced the list and schedule of spring camps for its professional league players on Wednesday. NC will start its 2024 spring camp from Tucson, Arizona on Tuesday. The camp will be joined by coach Kang In-kwon, 11 coaching staff and 45 players. A total of 21 pitchers will participate in the camp, but Shim Chang-min was not mentioned. He was also excluded from the list of spring camps for professional league players.

Shim Chang-min joined Samsung in the first round (fourth overall) of the 2011 draft. He made his debut in the first division in 2012, and later became a must-win group in the Samsung bullpen. In 2013, he recorded one win, two saves, and 14 holds with an ERA of 2.68 in 50 games, and in 2016, he finished the game with 62 games with two wins, six losses, 25 saves and four holds. He also played for the Korean national team at the 2015 Premier 12 championship and the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

After the 2021 season, Shim Chang-min was traded to NC. In December 2021, NC sent catcher Kim Tae-gun to Samsung and made a trade to recruit Shim Chang-min and catcher Kim Eung-min. After giving up the main catcher, it recruited a young bullpen pitcher. However, Shim Chang-min fell into a slump one after another in new teams after the trade. He had injuries and his pitching power was not the same as before. It was a sudden drop in skills.

He pitched in 11 games in 2022, recording one win and two losses and an earned run average of 14.21. He pitched only six ⅓. He moved to the second division in mid-May and failed to return to the first division. In 2023, he pitched in only five games (three ⅓ and innings), and finished the season with one loss and an earned run average of 2.70. It was his last game in the first division against KT on May 9.

He also failed to throw the ball properly in the second division. He pitched in 32 games in the Futures League, showing poor performance with one win, four losses and three holds with an ERA of 10.38. During 30 ⅓ innings, he had 62 walks and nine walks. He had a serious problem with his ball control. He failed to throw the ball properly. 라바카지노

NCs new faces Ryu Jin-wook, Kim Si-hoon, Lee Joon-ho and Lee Yong-joon joined the team from last years bullpen. In this year`s spring camp, Han Jae-seung and Lim Hyung-won, who were sent from the Australian professional league through January, will also join the team. Young pitchers continue to grow and make progress.

Following the 2022 season, the 2023 season is over and he did not apply for FA. This year, he is an FA third grader. Shim Chang-min is not old either. Attention is focusing on whether he can overcome the slump for two years with a healthy body and rebound.

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