Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) appear interested in signing Matthijs the Ligt.

Fabrice Hawkins, a reporter for the RMC Sport in France, said on the 27th (Korea time), “PSG wants to reinforce its defense and has been keeping an eye on The Licht for the past few days. However, Bayern Munich does not want to sell him.”

Munich has seen a change in its defense lineup this summer. Luca Hernandez and Benjamin Pavard, who can play both center back and side defense, left, and Kim Min-jae was recruited. Kim Min-jae was a proven player who was selected as the best defender of the Italian Serie A team last season. However, the problem was that two players left, but only one was newly added.

Kim Min-jae, The Licht, and Dayo Upamecano were among the players who immediately felt the power. There was only 18-year-old Tarek Buch who was called up from the youth academy, but he still had to gain more experience. The season started with only three first-team center backs.

Initially, the prevailing expectation was that Kim Min-jae and The Licht would form a starting lineup. However, The Licht had been injured since the preseason, and repeatedly suffered injuries and returns throughout the first half of the season, disrupting their condition. Because of this, Kim Min-jae and Upamecano had to play almost every game without a break.

Fortunately, Munich has strengthened its center back as the transfer market opened in January. It was connected to Ronald Araujo and others, but during the season, it turned to a target that was easy to recruit. The main character is Eric Dyer. For the time being, Dyer and The Licht are expected to form a defense. Kim Min-jae has been called up to the Asian Cup, and Upamecano was also injured.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Bild said on the 17th, “The Licht will play as a main player until Kim Min-jae returns from the Asian Cup schedule. However, it is becoming clearer that Tuchel is not a big fan of The Licht. Tensions are maintained between the two.” 월카지노

“The Licht is one of the most popular players in his team because of his good personality and attitude. However, he is not 100 percent satisfied with his current team. If all of the center back resources are available, The Licht will not be classified as a key member of Tuchel’s Tuchel team,” he said.

At a time when rumors are rampant about his future career, news has spread that PSG is interested in The Licht. PSG has Marquinos, Milan Shkriniar, Fresnel Kimpembe, and Danilu Pereira, but Danilu is soon in his mid-30s. Kimpembe is groaning due to long-term injury, and is considering recruiting The Licht to strengthen his defense.

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