The Giants’ Legion was a rifle unit last year. It had 69 team home runs (ranking ninth) in 142 games during the regular season. It was slightly ahead of the Kiwoom Heroes (61), which had the fewest team home runs. It was a wide gap with the Samsung Lions (88), which ranks eighth in team home runs.

Jeon Joon-woo (38), the oldest member of the Lotte Giants, declared, “I will try more than 20 home runs this season.” There is a justification for this.

Lotte’s batting lineup is expected to be far from home run corps this season as well. Last year, foreign hitters such as Jack Rex (four) and Niko Goodrum (zero) were extremely sluggish. Things got a little better this year thanks to the addition of Victor Reyes, a new foreign hitter. However, Reyes is not a typical type of home run hitter. While playing for Triple-A last year, he hit 20 home runs in the International League, but he benefited from the batter-friendly home ground. Compared to Reyes’ homerun and slugging percentage (0.462), his ranking was not high (28th in homers and 98th in slugging percentage).

An Chi-hong (eight) who ranked third in homers with Lotte last year became a free agent and left for the Hanwha Eagles. Jeon Joon-woo, the oldest homerun player at Lotte in 2023, topped the list. Amid Lee Dae-ho’s retirement and Han Dong-hee’s unexpected slump, Jeon recorded 17 homers. He was the only two double-digit homeruns in his team along with catcher Yoo Kang-nam (10).

Lotte still has thirst for home runs. Jeon has 196 homers in his career and a slugging percentage of 0.465. In 2018, he hit 99 homers from 2017 to 2020, as he recorded the most 33 homers in a single season. He hit double-digit homers nine times in the season alone.

However, as he ranked No. 1 with 192 hits in his career, he only hit seven homeruns (26 in 2020) in 2021. As he failed to achieve his batting average of .300 for three consecutive years, it seemed inevitable that he would change his focus by focusing on accuracy.

In 2022, Lotte changed its home stadium to become more pitcher-friendly by increasing the fence in the outfield and pushing back the home plate. In line with this, Jeon also changed his batting style. “As my private stadium grew bigger, I decided that producing hits rather than homers would be beneficial to the team,” Jeon said. “I tried to match that and it came true as I thought.” 월카지노주소

Jeon, who recovered his slugging capability by hitting 17 home runs last year, is not satisfied yet. “I want to be more helpful to my team by hitting a lot of hits and homers this year,” he said.

Jeon Joon-woo, who signed a four-year FA contract with the club in November last year, was even the captain at the recommendation of new coach Kim Tae-hyung. With more responsibility, he stressed, “I hit a lot of home runs in the second half of last year, and I want to hit a lot from the beginning this season. I want to hit more than 20 home runs (in four years).”

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