Kiwoom Heroes manager Hong Won-ki (51) was the first professional baseball leader to win a psychological counselor’s license in December 2019, when he was a head coach. “I think communication should take place first to maximize the effectiveness of technical training,” he said at the time.

Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres) and Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), who grew up as major leaguers, also took a leap forward through conversations with manager Hong Won-ki. Kim Ha-sung was managed by Hong whenever he made a defensive error in 2015, his second year of joining Kiwoom. Although he joined the team as an infielder, it was also Hong who turned Lee Jung-hoo into an outfielder, who had been agonizing over his throwing Yips (a symptom of anxiety due to fear of failure) in his third year of high school.

Coach Hong had individual interviews with Kiwoom’s team after the 2023 season and before his inactive period. It was a time to talk not only about baseball but also about his personal history. He hosted about 80 players and 90 percent of the team.

“Except for some special players, there are times when mental differences over skills determine the outcome. It is my role to motivate and encourage players to bring out their skills fully,” coach Hong Won-ki said. “Coaches in each field say good things, but it is also important for the coach to listen to them and share directions together.” 라바카지노주소

Interviews with individuals are expected to continue even at the spring camp, where players have to focus on composition of their full-strengths with a more sober perspective. “Talking with players rather gave me good energy. I could have more time (to talk) during the camp. It may vary depending on the player’s propensity and situation, but I am trying to talk with them a little more,” Hong said.

Kiwoom, ranked 10th in the 2023 season, has become weaker. Lee Jung-hoo, a major hitter, has advanced to the Major League Baseball (MLB), and ace Ahn Woo-jin is also serving in the military. A situation that could lead to doubts within the team. Coach Hong Won-ki tried to convey common values through individual interviews. His will to overcome the undervalued gaze through teamwork was conveyed. Coach Hong said, “In the end, having a meeting is to share your thoughts and move forward to the best together. 2024 will be a challenge for all Kiwoom members.”

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