He avoided arrest immediately, but the embers have not completely disappeared.

Former KIA Tigers coach Kim Jong-guk (51), who is suspected of accepting bribes, and former KIA general manager Jang Jung-seok (51) escaped arrest.

Yoo Chang-hoon, a senior judge at the Seoul Central District Court, rejected the arrest warrant requested by the prosecution on the 30th after completing the warrant review of former coach Kim Jong-guk and former general manager Jang Jung-seok, who are suspected of being in breach of trust.

“It is difficult to say that there is a fear of destroying evidence or running away,” said Yoo Chang-hoon, a senior judge. “It is necessary to guarantee the right to defend against whether the money received is in return for illegal solicitations, considering a series of sponsorship processes, such as the status of advertising sponsorship to the club before the time of receiving money, the details and timing of advertising sponsorship, and the involvement of suspects.”

The incident began with the revelation of LG Twins catcher Park Dong-won. Park Dong-won transferred from Kiwoom Heroes to KIA through a trade in May 2022. Just in time, Park Dong-won can exercise his rights as an FA after the 2022 season. Former general manager Jang set up a negotiation table to sign a multi-year contract with Park Dong-won as a non-FA and demanded “back money” twice. Rejecting this, Park Dong-won did not sign a multi-year contract with KIA, applied for a multi-year contract with FA, signed a four-year contract with LG for a total of 6.5 billion won, and chose to transfer. This fact became public to the world when Park Dong-won made public disclosure through the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association after moving to LG.

The baseball community is in shock. It was a stir that created a festive mood ahead of the opening of the regular season of the KBO League last year, and added cold water to the situation. Ultimately, Kia held a disciplinary committee meeting within the club and decided to dismiss former general manager Jang Jung-seok.

In announcing the dismissal of former general manager Jang Jung-seok, KIA said, “The club bowed its head and apologizes to KIA Tigers fans and all fans who love professional baseball for the recent damage to the dignity of Jang Jung-seok.” We also apologize to all members of the league as it will disrupt the entire KBO league, which is set to open. The club feels a heavy responsibility for this issue and will strive more to educate all team executives and players in compliance to ensure that this does not happen again, and will continue to make efforts. We apologize once again for causing concern to the fans who love professional baseball and support the KIA Tigers.” 라바카지노

Last year, KIA was suddenly forced to replace the head of the front office ahead of the opening of the regular season, and it took 38 days to appoint a new general manager, Shim Jae-hak.

This was not the end. This time, the shocking news that former head coach Kim Jong-guk was suspected of taking bribes was reported. It was only less than a year after KIA suffered from the nightmare of former general manager Jang Jung-seok’s “revolving money demand scandal.” In the process of investigating former general manager Jang Jung-seok, prosecutors detected allegations that Kim Jong-guk received money worth 100 million won and Jang Jung-seok received tens of millions of won from a coffee company that sponsored the KIA club. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office said on the 29th that it requested an arrest warrant for former general manager Jang Jung-seok and former head coach Kim Jong-guk on charges such as the KBO’s investigation request case and the additional breach of trust during the investigation of the case.

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