“Great pitcher” Yang Hyun-jong (35, KIA Tigers) opened his mouth about the dismissal of former coach Kim Jong-kook.

Yang Hyun-jong left for Australia, KIA’s spring camp, through Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport on the 30th.

KIA suspended its coach Kim Jong-kook, who is under investigation for allegedly receiving bribes from a sponsor company, on Friday. Since then, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Major Crimes Investigation Division (chief prosecutor Lee Il-kyu) announced on Monday that it has filed an arrest warrant for coach Kim Jong-kook and former general manager Jang Jung-seok on charges of negligence and bribery.

Ultimately, Kia concluded on Monday that the latest incident was an act of damaging its dignity and ended its contract with manager Kim Jong-guk. Kia is scheduled to hold its first spring camp without a manager. KIA will hold its first-team spring camp from Feb. 1 to Mar. 6 at Canberra Narabunda Ball Park and Okinawa Prefecture in Japan.

It was the first time for Yang Hyun-jong to go to a spring camp where he could not leave with his coach, even as he was a “great pitcher” who had experienced a mental breakdown. In an interview before leaving the country, Yang said, “I am flustered because this is my first time experiencing something like this. I don’t know how to tell you.”

“The team leader (Shim Jae-hak) first said sorry when all the players were there, and asked the players to prepare well only for the season. In addition, (B) Sung-beom, who was newly appointed as captain this time, also asked the players to be brave,” he said, explaining the recent atmosphere of KIA.

“Personally, there are not many situations where the coach will play in the early days of the spring camp,” Yang said. “This is a period during which players prepare to build their bodies and play in good condition. That period is left up to the players,” Yang said, expressing his opinion that he will be able to spend the early days of the spring camp well enough despite the coach’s absence. 꽁머니지급

Meanwhile, Yoo Chang-hoon, a senior judge at the Seoul Central District Court, dismissed the arrest warrant request for Kim Jong-guk and Jang Jung-seok on the 30th, judging that there was no fear of destroying evidence and running away.

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