The giant’s new dragon (Mir) is poised to ascend first as a pitcher.

Will 19-year-old Lotte Supernova’s great challenge to throw away like this? For now, it is put on hold. A great master also recommended that he choose and concentrate, expressing his intention to use the pitcher for the next 24 seasons.

Jeon, who is wearing a Lotte uniform as the third player overall in the first round of the 2024 Rookie Draft, planned to challenge the title of “Korean Ohtani.” Jeon has already distinguished himself in pitching and batting when he was in high school, raising expectations.

When Jeon was a high school student in North Gyeongsang Province, he played in 22 games (77 innings) as a pitcher, recording six wins, one loss and an earned run average of 1.17. As a batter, he also recorded an outstanding batting average of 0.303/OPS (on-base plus slugging) of 0.936 in 47 games. Notably, he recorded a batting average of 0.346/3 homers/22 runs/32 RBIs/OPS 1.032 last year when he was a third grader, demonstrating his further development as a batter.
Jeon also led his alma mater Gyeongbuk High School to the Blue Dragon Flag title for the first time in 30 years through his one-man show-class performance in pitching and batting. Jeon was also responsible for the best player in the tournament.

Lotte, which picked Jeon in the highest order of designation, also expressed expectations by announcing its plan to give him another chance. However, since Lotte Giants manager Kim Tae-hyung took office in October last year, chances are high that Lotte will focus more on pitchers through camps.

Jeon, who was the only rookie in the spring camp that is taking place in Guam, seemed to be concentrating on training as a pitcher. Jeon was also moving with his senior pitching team on the first day of the spring camp training held at Dedeo Sports Complex in Guam on Sunday.

When I met him in Guam, manager Kim Tae-hyung gave high marks to his potential to become a pitcher. He also expressed his negative stance on the “double-handed pitcher” who also serves as both pitcher and batter this year. 라바카지노도메인

“On the pitcher’s side, I watched at least one practice game where he was playing on the mound, and it was okay. He has good breaking balls and average speeds of up to mid-140 kilometers,” manager Kim said. “He is as good as a fighting rooster in the mound. That’s why he certainly has some use for pitchers,” in expressing high possibility of his practical use.
As a batter, however, he still needs to grow further. “The batter seems to have to do it for a while,” Kim said in a cool-headed assessment. When he was inaugurated, Kim commented on Jeon Mir’s batting performance, saying, “He still has rough swings. Compared to his age, he is strong. However, he needs to refine himself technically.”

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