“I can’t stand this even if I have a total of 30 percent”

The Hanwha Eagles held a spring camp at Melbourne Ball Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time).

During the batting training, a unique scene was seen in a small cage at the back of the stadium.

Kim Kang-min, Lee Jae-won, Lee Myung-ki, Choi Jae-hoon, Choi In-ho and Moon Hyun-bin were in batting training with rope bats with barrels.

Rope bat training has the advantage of catching the wrong swing habit. And it is advantageous to find the batting spot because it can check the position of the heavy barrel. It can also prevent the rollover phenomenon of the wrist.

Lee Myung-ki couldn’t find a hitting point and the barrel of the rope bat was cutting through the air.

Kim Kang-min praised Lee Myung-ki, who was struggling with the swing, saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay. People will only remember a total of 30 players.” 토토사이트

However, he did so for a while. After checking the batting ball that disappeared from the batter’s box, Kim Kang-min criticized him, saying, “Lee Myung-ki! It’s all because of you.”

This is because the balls that Lee Myung-ki missed by swinging and missed were piled up behind the plate.

Meanwhile, Kim Kang-min moved to Hanwha through the second draft in November last year and will be reunited with Lee Myung-ki, who played with him during the SK period.

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