“The goal is to win unconditionally.”

Conor Seabold, a new foreign pitcher for the Samsung Lions, is already excited about the new season. He came to Daegu early in January to adjust quickly to the team, and joined the Okinawa spring camp, Japan, which started on April 30, in perfect physical condition, and was praised by his coaches. “My goal was to build my body as fast as possible before the camp,” he said, boasting of his good condition by throwing 30 pitches during the bullpen session that he conducted on the first day of the camp.

Samsung replaced all foreign players this season. Replacing a single pitcher was a given early on. Conor Seabold was appointed as the pitcher. Conor, who played 27 games in the Major League with the Colorado Rockies last year and recorded one win, seven losses and an ERA of 7.52 in 87 ⅓s, displayed fairly good performance with a career-high 13 wins and seven losses with a 4.13 ERA and a WHIP of 1.24. When recruiting, the club said, “He uses highly complete breaking balls. As he can use both the left and right sides of the strike zone, his strength and stable ball control are his strengths.”

His stable ball control was impressive even at camp although it is still in the early stages. “I am pitching without too much difficulty. I think he has good ball control. I also know he has a good breaking ball,” Samsung’s pitching coach Chung Min-tae said in a positive evaluation. He also praised his pitching. “I am looking forward to his stable pitching.” Samsung manager Park Jin-man also said, “I am looking forward to his stable pitching.”

Connor himself is also looking forward to the new season in Korea. When he played in the U.S., he heard a lot about the KBO League from his teammates who played in Korea. Connor said, “There was no player who played for Samsung, but I heard about the KBO from Chris Flexen (Colorado) and Thomas Panoni (Chicago Cups). Both of them were very satisfied with their lives in Korea and encouraged me to go to the KBO, saying they had good experiences in the KBO league.” Flexen shared a meal with Connor with the Colorado Red Sox this season and Fannoni with the Boston Red Sox in 2022.

According to Lee Cheol-hee, who is in charge of interpreting Connor after Buchanan last year, Connor is quiet and calm unlike Connor. However, their love for their families is similar. Connor, who got married in November 2022, expressed regret, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve been separated from my wife this long,” ahead of the spring camp that lasted for about a month. “My wife is coming to Korea in April, and I hope she can come back soon,” Connor said with a smile, before adding, “My wife is also looking forward to living in Korea. I’m really looking forward to experiencing a different culture in Korea.” 라바카지노주소

Connor cited his strong points as “competitive spirit and concentration.” “I do my best in what I have to do as a player, and I try to overcome the competition by focusing as much as I can on the mound with an extraordinary desire to win,” he said. “I heard that Samsung has not played in the Korean Series for eight to nine years, and I want to contribute to the team so that it can win this year. I also heard that good players have come to Samsung. I will work hard so that the team can win the championship with them,” he said.

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