Will the “Genius Shortstop” and the Doosan Bears be together this year.

Doosan Bears announced its roster for its spring camp in Australia on Sept. 26. The number of campers is a total of 56 including 14 coaching staff members including Lee Seung-yeop and 42 players.

Veteran shortstop Kim Jae-ho was missing from the list.

Kim Jae-ho was not on the list. A total of 40 players, including 10 from the coaching staff and 30 players, left the spring camp for the Futures League, which is being held in Miyazakojima, Japan.

Kim Jae-ho has yet to conclude salary negotiations with the club. As his three-year contract with the FA ended at the end of last season, he was considered a target of salary negotiations. Last year, he received 500 million won (approx.

Kim Jae-ho, who joined the draft as the first draft pick in 2004, has been called a “genius shortstop” for his defense based on his natural sense and solid basic skills. Many leaders have praised him as a textbook when it comes to defense. He also took care of juniors while serving as captain.

Kim Jae-ho, who first qualified as an FA after the 2016 season, signed a four-year total of 5 billion won. After the 2020 season, he qualified as an FA twice, and signed a three-year total of 2.5 billion won.

The first two years after signing the second FA contract did not suit his reputation. He recorded a batting average of 209 in 89 games in 2021 and 215 in 102 games in 2022.

Doosan had no choice but to prepare for its next shortstop. When it came up with the plan for last season, it tried to increase resources for young shortstop including Ahn Jae-seok, Park Gye-beom, and Lee Yoo-chan. However, its growth rate was slower than expected. There were no clear resources for shortstop. Watchers say that while offense is an attack, defense has also been tough.

In the meantime, Kim Jae-ho stepped up once again as the main shortstop after finishing the reorganization. “It was a medicine to prepare in the second division with ease,” Kim said. “I want to leave the competition and show good performance as a professional baseball player until the end.”

Kim finished the season with a batting average of 283 and three homers in 91 games last year. In the postseason wild card game, he also appeared as the starting shortstop and showed good performance by posting two hits in four times at bat.

Looking at the end of last year, Kim Jae-ho is still the most stable and reliable starting line among Doosan shortstop in the 2024 season.

The club performed well in the second half of the year and acknowledged the necessity, but said the cut was inevitable as there were not many games on the field. The salary cap part had to be considered as well. There is a difference in terms of amount, so the discussion is continuing for now.

However, Kim Jae-ho’s failure to spring camp to Australia was planned separately. In addition to Kim Jae-ho, Doosan did not have Choi Seung-yong, Kim Myung-shin, and Kim Kang-ryul on a flight to Australia.

“Choi Seung-yong will concentrate on rehabilitation training in Icheon due to fatigue fracture. Kim Kang-ryul and Kim Myung-shin decided to build their bodies at the spring camp for the Futures League due to the coaching staff’s consideration to slowly improve their physical condition,” a Doosan source said. “As the spring camp for the Futures League requires players to raise their bodies quickly, players may be overburdened. There are many cases in which players cannot raise their bodies slowly even if they try to raise their bodies consciously. For now, I have them build their bodies at the spring camp for the Futures League.” 토토사이트

First of all, Doosan expressed its intention to conclude the negotiations with Kim Jae-ho in a positive direction as much as possible. As a team franchise star, he is in a position to reach an agreement by treating him as much as possible.

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