“I think it will be mentally comfortable.”

Good news for left-handed sluggers. This is a “no shift.” The rule banning shift, which was implemented in the Major League last year, will be implemented in the KBO League this year as well. In the Major League, two infielders are placed on both sides based on the second base, banning the shift, in which infielders are biased to one side. As shifts have developed day by day and fielders are placed near balls hit well by batters, balls that would normally be hit at defensive positions are often grounded out.

In Korea, Doosan Bears’ Kim Jae-hyun, Samsung Lions’ Oh Jae-il, LG Twins’ Kim Hyun-soo, KT Wiz’s Kang Baek-ho, and Kiwoom Heroes’ Choi Joo-hwan lost a lot of hits due to the shift, resulting in big losses in batting average and RBIs.

Left-handed batters welcomed the announcement of a shift ban. The same applies to LG’s Kim Hyun-soo.

Kim Hyun-soo left the spring camp for Arizona, the U.S., through Incheon International Airport on the 30th, and when asked about the shift by reporters, he said, “I think it will be a little more comfortable,” adding, “I felt a bit passive when I caught what I thought was a hit.”

Kim Hyun-soo continued, “There are cases where the count is concentrated because I didn’t hit the ball that I used to hit and hit the better ball,” adding, “I think it will probably be a little more comfortable in that area.”

When asked if he could look at an increase in his batting average, he laughed and said, “I think we’ll have to see that,” and said, “Let’s see the actual results.”

Kim Hyun-soo was called a “hit machine” as he became the most hit player for two consecutive years in 2008 (0.357) when he was with the Doosan Bears and in 2018 (0.362) when he was with the LG Twins, and in 2008 (168) and 2009 (172).

He has a batting average of 314 with 2,236 hits as of last year. He ranks fifth in overall hits after Park Yong-taek (retired, 2504), Son Ah-seop (NC, 2416), Choi Hyung-woo (KIA, 2323) and Yang Joon-hyuk (retired, 2,318). He is highly likely to rank fourth in overall hits this season, surpassing Yang Joon-hyuk.

Among the 11 years excluding two years (2016 and 2017) when he went to the U.S. from 2008 to 2020, he recorded a batting average of more than 30 percent for 10 seasons excluding 2012 (0.291), but lately he has hardly been able to see a batting average of 30 percent. The last time he recorded a batting average of 331 in 2020. His batting average has remained in the late 20s since 2021. It fell to 285 runs (144 hits in 506 at-bats) in 2021, and to 286 runs (150 hits in 524 at-bats) in 2022. He raised his batting average to 293 runs (143 hits in 488 at-bats) last year, but failed to reach 30 percent. He has recorded a batting average of 288 runs (437 hits in 1518 at-bats) over the past three years.

Of course, it is because he has been focusing more on long balls than contact as a central hitter recently, but the shift is one of the reasons for the decline in batting average as he is seen to be caught in the shift a lot.

Looking at Kim’s hit ratio over the past three years, 24.7 percent on the left side (108), 33.2 percent on the center side (145), and 42.1 percent on the right side (184), clearly showing many hits going to the right. When Kim came out, the three opposing infielders defended between the first and second bases. To break the shift in defense leaning to the right, he sometimes threw a surprise bunt toward the third base or intentionally pushed him. 꽁머니사이트

Kim was not satisfied with last year’s performance. He said, “I am buried in the championship.” He lost weight and became surprisingly slim, and started off brightly for Arizona with a dream of revival. Banning shifts is likely to give people confidence when they are at bat.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop set this season’s goal to improve the key players, and also presented the target figures to each player. “He has a batting average of .303. I think that’s ridiculously high, but I’ll give it a go,” Kim said.

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