Klinsman, who is challenging for the top spot in Asia for the first time in 64 years, should prepare for the semifinal match without Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae was warned in the quarterfinals against Australia at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup on the 3rd (Korea time), and the organizing committee imposed a one-game suspension due to accumulated warnings.

“It’s unfortunate that we can’t use Kim Min-jae, but we have an alternative,” Klinsmann told a press conference after the game against Australia. “Jung Seung-hyun could come out, and Park Jin-seop, a defensive midfielder, could be used. It could be a back three. I’ll think about it.”

At this year’s event, Coach Klinsmann is appointing Seol Young-woo as the left flanker and Kim Tae-hwan as the right flanker. Central defenders Kim Young-kwon and Jung Seung-hyun also belong to Ulsan. The four players who formed four backs last season led Ulsan to the K-League 1 championship for the second consecutive year. Assuming that Coach Klinsmann maintains the four-back system, if the center back combination of Jung Seung-hyun and Kim Young-kwon is formed, he will use the Ulsan four-back system as it is in the Asian Cup, which is the best option in terms of breathing. Even Cho Hyun-woo, the goalkeeper who guards the Korean goal in place of Kim Seung-gyu, who is out injured, also belongs to Ulsan. If Park Yong-woo, who is considered a defensive midfielder by Coach Klinsmann, plays in the upcoming event, chances are high that he will be able to overcome the vacuum left without Kim Min-jae with his teamwork in the rear.

Park Jin-seop has rapidly emerged as an attractive option to threaten the Ulsan union by acting as an “unsung hero” in the match against Australia.

With the start of the second half of extra time, Coach Klinsmann brought in Park Yong-woo and deployed Park Jin-seop. Then, Australia put up Harry Sutta, a 2-meter-tall center back, as one-top. He thus decided to secure an aerial ball against Park Jin-seop by banking on his difference in height.

Park Jin-seop, however, staged a fierce battle in the air. Australia continued to deploy aerial balls into the Korean penalty box, but Park Jin-seop overcame competition to secure accurate defense position and jump power. However, Park participated in the match for only one minute (against China) at the Clinsman Lake before the latest event. Given the tendency of Coach Klinsmann, who places importance on teamwork among defense players, it is more important to choose a combination of Jung Seung-hyeon and Kim Young-kwon rather than to appoint Park Jin-seop as center back.

If he passes the semifinals after beating Jordan, he will be able to enjoy rest. Kim has started in all the matches that Korea has played in this year’s event. “Kim Min-jae was a bit tired and exhausted as he played a lot in Bayern Munich. He has reduced the number of horses he has spoken at the training site,” a source said, hinting at Kim’s recent condition. The final match will take place on March 11. A whopping seven-day break is unusual for Kim, who had a busy schedule in both the league and the national team this season.

South Korea advanced to the semifinals against Australia, beating Australia 2-1 thanks to Hwang Hee-chan’s equalizer in penalty time in the second half and Son Heung-min’s come-from-behind free-kick goal in extra time. Since winning against Saudi Arabia on penalties, they have secured a ticket to the semifinals after two consecutive extended matches. 헤라카지노도메인

“I wrote another drama (after the match against Saudi Arabia). It was such a tough game and a bloody battle for 120 minutes. I’m so proud to win, and I’m so honored to be with our players,” Klinsmann said in an interview after the game.

Korea will meet Jordan in the semifinal, the second group match. Korea had tied Jordan 2-2 in the group league. If Korea beats Jordan, it will play against the winning teams of Iran and Qatar in the final.

“I am very happy and happy to advance to the semifinals. I will meet Jordan. Fighting again proves how tough and challenging Group E was in the group stage. I hope we can stay until the very end as we remain in Doha,” Klinsmann said, vowing to advance to the final.

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