NC Dinos, who found Tucson again, is training without worrying about the cold this year.

NC`s team is conducting a spring camp at Enex Field in Tucson, Arizona. The players who left Korea on Jan. 30 will continue their training without moving until they return home on Mar. 5.

NC is Tucson’s “single-minded guest.” Except for the 2021 and 2022 seasons during the COVID-19 pandemic, N.C. has always visited this place.

Last season, there was also a crisis. We had to fight the unexpected cold that hit Arizona, including Tucson. Because of the cold, some teams left Arizona and set up camp elsewhere this time.
Fortunately, there is no cold weather like that at this camp. The weather in Tucson was good for training at around 23 degrees Celsius on the 6th (Korea time).

An NC club official said, “Last year, snow was piled up to the middle of that mountain,” pointing to a high mountain in the distance, and then recalled last year, saying, “We don’t have to worry about such cold this year.”

The weather is one of Arizona’s advantages as a camp site. It is also the reason why KBO League clubs visit this place with a 16-hour time difference and a flight time of more than 12 hours.

Last season saw little of that advantage. But this year, it’s back to normal.

“It’s hard to adjust to the jet lag, but the weather is nice. It’s really good for baseball,” said left-hander Kim Young-kyu, who played his first bullpen pitcher at the camp.

Having served as a bullpen for the past three seasons, he is set to start again this season. “I tried things that I had prepared in the winter and checked if there had been any changes. I am also preparing well for the opening by checking how much my physical condition has risen,” he said.

All three foreign players, including Eric Peddy, who won the MVP award last season, left the team, and three new foreigners joined the team: Daniel Castano, Kyle Hart, and Matt Davidson. Like other foreign players, they are preparing for the season with high expectations. 라바카지노주소

Davidson, who has 54 home runs in the Major League, said, “I’m preparing for the season with motivation. I’m happy to be here. I’m trying to get better every day and I’m really excited.”
After training on Thursday, NC Dinos will continue its training by taking a day off. In the latter half of the camp, the team is scheduled to hold three internal Cheongbaek match and two practice games against the LG Twins, which is also engaged in spring camp in Arizona.

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