Kylian Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid has once again been put on hold.

The British Independent reported on the 5th (Korea time) that “Kylian Mbappe’s transfer to Real is an obstacle.”

Mbappe recently reported that France’s Le Parisien “Mbappe chose Real Madrid,” raising the prospect that he was close to going to Real.

Le Parisien said, ‘The signing has not yet been made, but Mbappe seems to have already made his choice. He is yet to leave PSG for Real. However, the French soccer community and many people in PSG cannot avoid moving to Mbappe. Mbappe will join the world’s biggest club next season. Optimism prevails at Real and negotiations are underway to sign the biggest contract for him. PSG is pessimistic.’

“Mbappe will consider the right time to announce his transfer. PSG will play in the round of 16 of the European Champions League on Feb. 14, and it will be decided on March 5. Mbappe will do his best to win all the remaining championships, and his firm goal is to win the European Champions League and leave,” he said, explaining that it is not yet time for a proper announcement.

Mbappe had been constantly interested in the possibility of moving to Real Madrid. In this winter’s transfer market, reports of an agreement with Real surprised fans. At the time, France’s Foot Mercato said, “Mbappe recently agreed to move his nest to Real Madrid,” adding, “The drama could end.” After Real’s magnificent proposal in 2019, there were constant rumors and extended contracts with PSG that surprised the world. However, the contract was only delayed by one year, and attention was once again focused on which path Mbappe would take in recent weeks,” referring to the news of Mbappe’s transfer.

However, Mbappe denied the agreement at the time. European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said, “There is no agreement on Mbappe’s future. There has been no discussion on his future. No type of influence can determine the timing of Mbappe’s discussion, reflection and decision,” adding that the recently reported agreement to transfer to Real Madrid was not true.

However, along with the recent Le Parisien report, Fabrizio Romano, a European football transfer market expert, said on his personal SNS, “Real is confidently signing Mbappe’s contract, and the signing has not been made yet. An official decision from Mbappe’s side is expected soon. PSG and Chairman Nasser Al-Kelaifi have not been officially informed about this yet. This is an important step in Mbappe’s contract,” acknowledging that the contract is close, drawing attention again to the possibility of Mbappe going to Real.

However, it seems that Mbappe’s trip to Real will be put on hold again. This is because Mbappe expressed dissatisfaction in negotiations on contracts. 월카지노도메인

The Independent explained, “Mbappe is in negotiations with Real, but the agreement between the two sides is not close. A transfer is expected, but an agreement is still unknown. PSG also has an offer for Mbappe, but it does not appear to be a significant increase in the current contract. The PSG leadership wants him to stay, but he may seek a new strategic direction and send it without paying a transfer fee.”

“Mbappe has decided that it is time to transfer, but Real’s suggestion is that the player or his aides are not satisfied. The switch to Liverpool or Arsenal has been considered, but the two teams do not want to break the wage structure. Despite being the best player in the world, the choice has been strangely proposed, which is similar to what happened when Messi left Barcelona in the past,” he said, adding that Mbappe lacked a team to choose from other than Real due to his high salary and expectations.

The long-running transfer tug-of-war between Real and Mbappe is being repeated again. It is expected that attention will be paid to whether the decision can be made within this winter and where Mbappe will go this summer.

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