Not only does he have defense, but he also has amazing speed.

British media “Sky Sports” released the ranking of the fastest players playing in the English Premier League this season on the 6th (Korea time).

The top scorer was Mickey van der Ben of Tottenham Hotspur. Van der Ben is a center back who joined Tottenham ahead of this season. Van der Ben was well-known for his incredibly fast feet despite being 193 centimeters tall just before joining Tottenham.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. made all-out efforts to strengthen their unstable rearguard last summer. Erik Dier of Bayern Munich and Davinson Sanchez of Galatasaray continued to expose their anxiety, and in the end, a new center-back reinforcement was essential. Tottenham’s choice was Van der Ben. It paid Wolfsburg a £40 million transfer fee, successfully bringing Van der Ben in.

Since then, Van der Ben has been firmly behind Tottenham along with Christian Romero with his fast feet and unwavering defense. He has clearly shown his strengths and is loved by Tottenham fans.

However, he was out of the team’s history for a long time due to a long-term injury during the season. Van der Ben suffered a hamstring injury in November last year against Chelsea in the 11th round of the Premier League. Tottenham was unbeaten in 10 games at the time, but their rise was put on hold by the defeat against Chelsea. And it wasn’t until January that Van der Ben returned. 꽁머니환전

Despite not playing for a long time, he still performed well. In addition, he has become the fastest player in the Premier League. He boasts a speed of 37.38km/h. According to soccer statistics media “Squoka,” the fastest player in the Premier League last season was Kyle Walker (Manchester City). At that time, Walker recorded 37.31km/h, which is a little slower than Van de Venn. Considering that Van de Venn is 193cm tall, this is a surprising record.

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