“I want to level up this team and challenge for the presidential election next year.”
There are sometimes college teams who spend a year without a fourth grade. Last year, Hanyang University was like that. This year, Kyung Hee University is like that.

Kyung Hee University has strengthened its strength through physical training in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province. “My goal for this year is to raise the level of my players,” said Kyung Hee University coach Kim Hyun-guk. “Since there is no 4th grader, I think that as individuals improve their skills, the team’s strength naturally increases. Since there are no seniors, I thought a lot about how to manage this team,” he said. “I want to upgrade this team and try to win the presidential election next year. To do that, all the team members will focus on both defense and offense this year.”

“I pondered a lot about the lineup. As professional players also like tall players, I would test how it would be if we formed a team with this team,” he said. “Before the winter training started, I used to run them in high school and a practice game. Big players are instructing me to practice chasing after smaller players. It’s not as bad as I thought.”

Kyung Hee University had only one guard in a practice match against a short high school team, which caused stiff competition. The move is aimed at allowing taller players to practice defense against shorter players.

Even if it’s a process of growing one step further, you have to play a winning game.
When asked who needs to maintain the balance, coach Kim Hyun-guk said, “The captain, Woo Sang-hyun, and Ahn Se-joon, should come forward. Three players, including Kim Seo-won, should maintain the balance,” adding, “Se-won needs to improve his shooting ability.” Se-jun is okay when he has physical strength. When he has physical strength, he knows his role, such as throwing shots when throwing and running when running, but he can’t do it when he is exhausted. When he gets angry and reproaches, he needs to overcome those to improve his level. He needs to overcome his limitations, but he tries to play basketball at his limit. Sang-hyun needs to play a lot of basketball. He is struggling because his shooting form is not fixed yet. If Kyung Hee University wants to win, three players need to maintain the balance. Kim Soo-oh, who has come up a lot, said, “He will become a household player in the team from the rebound below the net.”

“You have to play basketball to win. In order to win, offensive and defensive are both important, and how the team unites and drags each other is also important. We have to lead as a team. The team as a whole should not look at one person, but look up to the right. Some people should look up to the right, and others should look down to the right, and we can’t be a team. If we raise our players overall, our players are not bad, so if we have confidence, we can play winning basketball. If we don’t get sagging in the beginning like we did last season, we will be fine,” he stressed again, referring to the team’s level-up.

There are seven freshmen at Kyung Hee University, including Kang Ji-ho (181cm Anyang High School), Kwon Jeong-in (188cm Kyungbok High School), Park Chang-hee (178cm Samil High School), Bae Hyun-sik (193cm Anyang High School), Ahn Se-hwan (205cm Hwimungo High School), Pyeon Si-yeon (178cm Hongdae Obu High School), and Han Ji-min (182cm Songdo High School). 마카오토토주소

When asked to name his anticipated freshman year, coach Kim Hyun-guk said, “Bae Hyun-sik, Park Chang-hee, and Ahn Se-hwan. Kwon Jung-in is not bad, surprisingly. He has good talent, so he has a good future.” “Se-hwan controls the duration of the game to around 15 minutes, which is overwhelming to imitate (his ankle is not good), but he is also highly motivated. Hyun-sik is capable. He has a great BQ of watching basketball, and even though he is a freshman, he has more coordination than his seniors, and can be used in one-on-one situations. Park Chang-hee said, “I think I will play a good role as a backup guard in both offense and defense. My style is not the main player, but I can play 15 to 20 minutes as a backup.”

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