“As the years pile up, I feel the need for management more acutely.”

There are many things I want to do and play with my youth in their 20s. However, Noh Si-hwan (24), a flagship hitter of the Hanwha Eagles, is sweating profusely and focusing only on preparing for the new season.

The Dong-A Ilbo met Noh at the Melbourne Ball Park in Australia on Monday (Korea time) and he still showed off his agile body. He performs most of his training sessions, including batting, running on base, and defense. He is showing off his “huge gun instinct” when he is hit by a bat, easily heading towards the fence.

Working out with his senior Chae Eun-sung, Noh significantly reduced his weight last year. As a result, he has achieved great growth not only in batting performance but also in defense movement. Having recorded only six home runs in the 2022 season, Noh became the home run champion in the KBO League last year with 31 home runs and 101 RBIs. Analysts say that his accumulated experience and modification of his batting form have been effective. Most of all, he has laid the groundwork for his improvement by controlling himself. “I am trying to maintain a light body this year as well, but I think things are going well so far,” Noh smiled.

Outstanding performance led to many achievements. He joined the Hangzhou Asian Games team and won a gold medal, and participated in the APBC (Asian Baseball Championship) to gain experience in international arena. “It was a season where I was able to grow one step further through good experience,” Noh said, looking back, “I know that consistency is necessary to maintain such performance.”

Having spent the “career high season,” Noh must have a heavy shoulder. Motivation to perform better can be another nourishment for success, but he is also a double-edged sword that can destroy the good performance he achieved last year. 월카지노주소

However, he has one thing he really wants. The eagle that has fallen back to the lower ranks since 2018. “I don’t want to dwell on my personal goals. I just want to achieve a better outcome than the previous season,” Noh said. “My biggest wish is to advance to the fall baseball league rather than to pursue my personal goals.” He expressed his desire to stand on a higher stage with my seniors and young teammates who have been struggling together and feel the cheers of the fans together.

It has already been six years since his debut. He no longer deserves the title of “the next big gun.” Just like his seniors Jang Jong-hoon and Kim Tae-kyun, he is destined to carry the present and future of the Eagles’ lineup. His strides by shouting “team first” without hesitating about career-high performance seem to be no match for his title as a leading hitter.

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