Jurgen Klopp has allowed Liverpool’s symbol to only eligible players.

British Sports Bible reported on the 7th (Korea time) that “Klopp banned 10 Liverpool players, including Darwin Núñez, from touching this is Anfield sign.”

Anfield, Liverpool’s home stadium, is considered an impregnable fortress for opposing teams, a presence of fear, and a stadium that boasts the best atmosphere for Liverpool players. Liverpool is at its best this season as it leads the league, but it is even more powerful at home, boasting an unbeaten record of nine wins and two draws in 11 games.

There is another symbol in the stadium. It is a sign for This is Anfield that is attached to the path of players to the stadium. The sign, which was installed about 50 years ago by legendary Liverpool coach Bill Shankley, was also known as a symbol of the Liverpool spirit. Liverpool players have often been seen touching the sign and going out to the stadium exit, acting as a ritual for the players.

However, it was claimed that Klopp took over and applied new rules, and that some players were still banned from touching the sign and taking the field.

Sportsbible said, “Klopp banned 10 Liverpool players from touching Anfield signs. Anfield signs have become a tradition for stars to touch over the years. However, Klopp stopped the tradition of players touching signs.”

Klopp explained why he stopped touching the sign, saying in the past, “I told you not to touch the sign until you won something,” and that only players who lifted the trophy in Liverpool were allowed to touch the sign.

Liverpool’s most recent trophy is the 2022 FA Cup trophy. A total of 10 players, including Núñez, Cody Gakpo, Alexis McAllister, Endo Wataru and former youth Stefan Weissetich, who joined Liverpool after winning the FA Cup, have yet to meet the qualifications set by Klopp.

However, since Klopp has been confirmed to leave Liverpool after this season, the players can also freely touch the Anfield sign from next season, apart from this season’s performance. 꽁머니환전

Of course, they can qualify for this season as well. Liverpool, which is ranked first in the league this season, is the most likely candidate to win the league along with Manchester City and Arsenal. They also face Chelsea in the League Cup final on the 26th. There are other chances to win the FA Cup and Europa League.

Attention is also focusing on whether all Liverpool players will be eligible to add a trophy in their final season against Klopp and touch the Anfield sign this season.

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