Jesse Lingard (32), an English national team member and Manchester United native, has officially joined FC Seoul in the K-League. With manager Kim Ki-dong, one of the best K-League leaders, also in his first season as Seoul’s head coach, what will the two people, who will meet as teacher-student friends, remain with each other after the end of the 2024 season.

Seoul held a press conference at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 8th, saying, “We recruited Lingard, a former member of the English national team.”

“Of course, I’ve known this for a long time,” Lingard said of the upcoming K-League. “As I come to Seoul, I’m learning more about culture and fans. I think it will contribute to the development of the K-League and advancement into the global market. I will focus more on the team’s performance rather than on individual goals,” he said. “Since I arrived at the airport, I felt that the enthusiasm of the fans was great. That’s why I’m looking forward to it even more. Even now, when I meet my fans on the streets, I take all the pictures for them. It’s something I have to do for sure.” 마카오카지노

He also said, “It is important to return to the field as soon as possible. I am not at my best, but I am in good condition. I am constantly preparing for my diet and exercising, and I do not drink alcohol. I will return to the field as soon as possible.”

Lingard also mentioned Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong. He said, “I heard that a coach knows how to win and tries to win. In that sense, he is similar to Jose Mourinho. I’m very excited.” He compared Kim to Mourinho, a coach who was a great teacher during his heyday at Manchester United.

Coach Kim Ki-dong, who led the Pohang Steelers to top K-League 1 until last season, gave Pohang the 2023 FA Cup as a gift and made a splendid farewell. Seoul is the venue for Kim’s new challenge. Considering the size and history of his team, his first baton for a team that is usually called the four major K-League clubs (Seoul, Ulsan, Jeonbuk and Suwon).

Kim, who officially announced the appointment of Seoul coach on Dec. 14 last year, focused on figuring out the team’s roster for about two months. After conducting the first training camp in Hua Hin, Thailand, throughout January, he is now focusing on the second training camp in Kagoshima, Japan. He is now embracing Lingard while preparing for the season.

Of course, the coach didn’t know about Lingard until recently, but he is different from other players who have known him for the past two months. With less than a month until the opening match on March 2, Lingard needs to be identified quickly. With Lingard not playing in actual matches for about eight months since he left Nottingham Forest in early June last year, he failed to participate in the first training camp, which is usually aimed at improving his physical stamina.

While playing for Manchester United, Lingard gave an impression that he was not serious and left the image of a bad boy when his team’s performance was poor. Last year, he was caught drunk driving in England. That is why there were concerns that Lingard would be able to adapt to Korean culture, which places importance on courtesy and discipline. It is also worrisome that his career has been on the decline since he revived in 2021 when he rented West Ham.

Coach Kim Ki-dong treated the players in Pohang without hesitation, but boldly excluded them from the list when their skills or attitudes were not good. No matter how much you are from the EPL, if you are disappointed in your training or your life within the team, your chances of Lingard playing as a main player under coach Kim are significantly lower.

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