Kang Yoo-rim (27, Yongin Samsung Life Bloomings), who had to watch his teammates receive the championship ring three years ago, is sweating hard to reach the top.
Samsung Life Insurance won 67-64 in an away game against Busan BNK Thumb in the fifth round of Woori Bank’s WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan on the 9th.

With the victory, Samsung Life Insurance has won three consecutive games since the match against Shinhan Bank on the 2nd, recording 13 wins and 12 losses (0.520 winning rate) in the season. With five games left in the season, the gap with fourth-place Hana OneQ is 4.5 games apart, virtually confirming its third place.

At the Samsung Life Insurance game, Bae Hye-yoon (12 points, 14 rebounds, seven assists) and Kiana Smith (17 points) led the attack, while Lee Hae-ran also showed good performance with 12 points and six rebounds. In addition, Kang Yoo-rim, who calmly scored at the critical moment, also scored a goal, was also a key player.

Kang Yoo-rim was included in the starting lineup and played 39 minutes and 12 seconds, close to full-time, with 12 points, five rebounds, one assist, two steals, and three blocks. If you look at the record, you can think of it as a compliance figure, but he saved the team that was on the verge of losing by scoring the last decisive score.

In the beginning, Kang was not very good. He attempted three 3-pointers three times in the first quarter alone, but failed to score a goal. He managed to secure a rebound to give his team the right to attack, but his teammates failed to score. In the second quarter, however, he raised the score whenever BNK chased after him, helping his team take the lead. However, the team allowed a tie at the end of the first half, and managed to solve the game in a difficult way.
Kang, who only scored two points in the third quarter, however, assisted his team by scoring two crucial points at the end of the fourth quarter. Samsung Life Insurance, which was lagging behind 55-60 at one point in the fourth quarter, was trailing by one point due to consecutive scores by Keana Smith and Bae Hye-yoon. With about 2 minutes and 30 seconds left, Kang, who was in the corner, received a pass from Lee Ju-yeon and penetrated under the basket to score a layup shot. It was the moment to turn the game around 61-60.

He then allowed a reversal and was trailing 63-64, and successfully made both of his free throws, which he garnered through foul play, to turn the game upside down again. In the end, Samsung Life Insurance kept this lead to the end and secured a pleasant victory.

On the day, Kang actively participated in rebounding not only in attack but also in defense, and made contributions by reading the timing of opponent team’s shots and successfully scoring a block. He seemed to replicate playing as the best big man in the college league when he was in Gwangju University.

“I almost lost the game today. I was lucky enough to win,” Kang said after the game. “I was so relieved that I gave (the score) when the score widened. I was really lucky to win.” “I couldn’t concentrate as I thought the score widened. The opponent team took more loose balls,” he said, recalling when he was caught up with the score after being widened to 12 points at one point. 헤라카지노도메인
In fact, Samsung Life Insurance suffered a 58-59 defeat against BNK in the second round match against BNK in Busan on November 29 last year due to a reversal with 3.6 seconds left in the game. Kang Yoo-rim, who said, “There were many such things in my resignation,” said, “I will stay out after today (9th). I thought the atmosphere would not be good if I lose,” adding, “I only thought about defense and rebound.”

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