Being a part of a professional basketball team is a dream for someone. It is also an object of envy. The same goes for manager Lee Chang-hak. He works for ‘Changwon LG’, which he has been dreaming of. So, anything came as a pleasure for manager Lee Chang-hak. Even now, he is doing what he was given with that heart.

A story that came to me one day
Most of the managers who work for KBL teams are former players. Some even have experience of being ‘professional players.’ The same goes for manager Lee Chang-hak. Although he did not build his career as a professional player, he wore a player uniform until he was in college. Now he is employed as a manager of a professional basketball team. His team is ‘Changwon LG.’

Please look back on your playing days.
I was first introduced to basketball at the Changwon LG Youth Basketball Club, and I started playing elite basketball at Imho Middle School in Gimhae when I was a seventh grader. And I wanted to go to a high school in Seoul, so I transferred to Myongji Middle School when I was a third grader. I spent three years at Myeongji High School, and then I went to Chung-Ang University.
How was “Player Lee Changhak”?
I lacked a lot of athleticism. But I loved Stephen Curry (NBA Golden State Warriors) so much. For that reason, I only practiced shooting. Also, he was a player who only shot. Of course, he wasn’t great at shooting, but he spent a lot of time shooting. Then, I quit playing basketball when I was a freshman in college.
How have you been since you quit playing basketball?
I only played basketball, so I didn’t know what to do. So I just played. But I thought it wasn’t like this, so I went to the military after finishing my second year. I thought about various career paths in the military, and I aimed to become a ‘physical education teacher’ or ‘join a public enterprise’.
But you got a job as a manager of Changwon LG professional basketball team.
While thinking about my career path, I was offered by the youth instructor who taught me, “Do you want to be the manager of the LG basketball team?” The only thing I could do and liked was ‘Basketball’, and I liked Changwon LG so much that I said, “I will do it.” However, I was offered a job in the last semester of my senior year in college, so I started working as a manager.

My own weapon
Dreamers who fail to join the professional basketball league must seek a second life. However, since basketball-related tasks are limited, they can experience trial and error in the job search process.
Even if you find the right job, you don’t touch a basketball. Even if you are standing on the court, you have to do something different from the coaching staff and the players. Above all, you have to have a different consciousness than when you were a player. That’s why novice managers go through trial and error.
So did Lee Chang-hak. But Lee Chang-hak had his own weapon. It was ‘friendliness’ and ‘adaptation’.

I didn’t experience the pro system. I think that’s why there must have been more hardships.
I have to take care of little things about my coach, my coach, and the players. I had a lot to care about, and I missed a lot. I also had a lot to forget. Despite this, everyone understood me. Rather, they were very considerate of me, who was struggling. So, I don’t think there was much difficulty.
But I think ‘adaptation’ is another matter.
I think one of my strengths is my sociability. I tried to reach out to my brothers and sisters, as well as to my coaches and coaches. We talked a lot about this and that. So, everyone approached me in a friendly way. So, I don’t think I had a hard time getting used to it. 마카오카지노
What is your manager’s daily routine? I’m curious about your specific duties.
I usually come to work at 8:30 a.m. on training days. Prepare a training environment, such as balls needed for games and heating conditions. Players can hold the ball to shoot, and they can defend when they want. Other times, I check the details of the game schedule and do some office work for the team.
I think it’ll be a little different on the day of the game.
At home games, they help the players exercise on the main court. Then they check what each team is using. They hand in the roster right before the game, and inform the coach of the starting lineup of the opponents. They check the record sheet during the game, and after the game, they hand over the final record sheet to the coach.
Weekend games and away games, however, are slightly different from weekday games and home games. The time tables are different. That’s why we need to make sure our players’ meal times and departure times are checked meticulously. There’s nothing big to do (laughs), but we need to do exactly what’s given. Otherwise, the players’ rhythms could get twisted.

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