“I think I’m going to play in an exhibition game for the first time this year after my debut.”

NC Dinos catcher Kim Hyung-joon is expected to play in the exhibition game for the first time only in the seventh season of this year.

Kim Hyung-joon joined NC in the second round of rookie draft (9th overall) in 2018. He was nominated in the highest ranking. “(Kim) Hyung-joon) has been the best catcher since high school days,” coach Kang In-kwon said.

“I have not played a single game in exhibition games (since debut),” Kim said. It was because of injury. Kim’s goal this year is to play a full-time season for the first time without injury.

Kim Hyung-joon, who joined the military (commercial baseball team) in 2021, was discharged from the military in fall 2022. However, he suffered a knee injury just before his discharge and underwent surgery. Kim Hyung-joon and the NC team both suffered disappointing injuries. Returning to the first division has been postponed for nearly a year.

“(Injured) I think it’s also experience and study,” said Kim Hyung-joon, who met at Tucson Camp in Arizona in the U.S. “Because of that day, I realized the importance of taking care of my body again, and I felt once again that I was happy to play baseball like this.”

“I’m a little sad that I was in the military, played games, learned a lot, and got hurt, but in a way, I think it was a necessary time in my baseball life. If the difficult moments come in the future, I think I can work hard while thinking about the difficult times I had with rehabilitation,” he said positively.

After rehabilitation after surgery, Kim Hyung-joon returned to the first team in late August after learning the sense of play in the Futures League last year. He also played for the national team at the Hangzhou Asian Games from late September to early October and won a gold medal.

Kim played in 26 games last year, posting a batting average of 236 with 17 hits in 72 times at bat, six homers and 13 RBIs, with a .514 slugging percentage and an OPS.835. His slugging ability stood out. He also displayed good performance as the starting catcher of NC Dinosaurs in the postseason.

This year, I will try my first full-time season. “I realized the importance of taking care of my body as I am sick. I need to know my body well to take care of myself throughout the year, get lots of help from the training part, and try not to over-face from spring camp,” Kim Hyung-joon said.

“I have never played in exhibition games or entered the opening game. (When I was a rookie) I went to the second division after the spring camp, or in 2020 I got injured after the camp.” Kim Hyung-joon had never played in an exhibition game until last year since his debut.

I have high expectations for this season. “I’m curious, too. If I play the entire season from start to finish, I wonder what will happen?” said Kim Hyung-joon.

How will this season show their extraordinary determination? “I think what they want to show is their slugging capability and home runs. I want to hit a lot of long balls. I think they are their sense of stability and game management in defense,” Kim Hyung-joon said.

“Double-digit home runs. I think that’s what I want the most. There are no players in our team who hit home runs a lot, so I hope that I can be of more help to the team.” 토토사이트

As for NC, Sohn Ah-seop, Park Geon-woo and Park Min-woo, who account for a total of .300, are among the top hitters. However, their slugging capacity is not as high as their ability to contact each other. Matt Davidson, a new foreign hitter who used to be the Triple-A home run king, has to wait and see how he adapts. If Kim Hyung-joon sometimes hits long hits in the bottom of the batting order, opponents will not easily see the bottom batting order and will have a hard time dealing with him.

Kim Hyung-joon said, “The most important thing is not to get injured. I’ve been sick a lot lately, so I’ll prepare well so that I don’t get hurt and spend a full-time season.”

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