The 2023 Qatar Asian Cup saw a disaster for the Korean soccer team. It advanced to the semifinals after much thought, but only left scars. It was overshadowed by “theater competition” such as penalty shootout victory and overtime upset win, but it repeatedly left a disappointment throughout the tournament due to sloppy tactics, performance and disastrous results.
More than anything else, the risk was high. Aside from players’ below-expectations performance, national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s behavior was enough to make people feel embarrassed.

His rhetoric was all right and fancy, but it didn’t have any substance. He distributed the ball to superstars including Son Heung-min (32) of Tottenham Hotspur and Lee Kang-in (23) of Paris Saint-Germain F.C., and did not show anything more than “do-it-yourself soccer,” which he hoped would do “one thing.” After receiving disappointing result of the match, he raised unnecessary controversy by smiling brightly. He failed to show any of his bravery, resourcefulness or virtue, which is called a leader’s virtue.

There was no change in the attitude of coach Klinsmann, who returned home shabbyly on the 8th before the Lunar New Year holiday, even being thrown a taffy containing mockery. Shortly after the semifinals against Jordan, who was completely defeated 0-2, he made it clear that he had no intention of stepping down on his own, mentioning preparations for the second round of Asian qualifying for the 2026 North-China World Cup, returned to California on the 10th, where he is home.

Of course, he said after returning to Korea, “I will depart for the U.S. next week and take a short break to inspect European players on the spot,” which makes it not surprising to go to the U.S., but the problem is the timing. Coach Klinsmann is aware of the negative public sentiment and understands that the Korea Football Association plans to hold a committee meeting to strengthen its military capability as soon as possible to discuss overall national team management during the Asian Cup. Nevertheless, he left for the U.S. only two days after his arrival. Naturally, most of the association’s executives and employees did not even know that he was leaving the country.

Klinsmann, who signed a contract by skipping the entire process of appointing a coach, has stirred controversy by continuously working from home and going out frequently since taking the helm in March last year. However, he vowed not to change his working pattern. He visited Korea for a short time as if he were a part-time job, but failed in the Asian Cup, which was called a test. Still, he was generous to himself. Klinsmann’s view is that the semifinal is hardly a failure.

It seems that it is no longer possible to accompany him. Due to the lack of angry public opinions, both the ruling and opposition parties are criticizing Klinsmann every day. Some in the soccer community say that Klinsmann’s option to terminate his contract has disappeared along with advancing to the semifinals of the Asian Cup, and that an interim cancellation would incur a penalty of nearly 7 billion to 8 billion won (approx. Adding a large-scale coaching staff would result in a larger penalty. Nevertheless, many people say that if there is no voluntary resignation, they should take out a hard card. Naturally, the arrow is directed at Chung Mong-gyu, the president of the association, who was particularly favorable to Klinsmann. 꽁머니사이트

Many soccer players said, “Coach Klinsmann is shameless and irresponsible, and the association is incompetent. He seems to be showing a disease but refuses treatment. We need to make a decision before it gets too late,” adding, “Coach Klinsmann may not be the only one who is worried about disgraceful resignation.”

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